PFL 9 2019 Results: Ali Isaev Eliminates Kelvin Tiller In One-Sided Affair

Kelvin Tiller vs. Ali Isayev PFL 9 2019
Kelvin Tiller vs. Ali Isayev Credit: PFL

Ali Isaev advances to the PFL 2019 semifinals with a one-sided victory over Kelvin Tiller that saw Isaev dominate on the ground.

At 6-0 entering the night at PFL 9 2019, Ali Isaev represented the only undefeated heavyweight in the Professional Fighters league. After the quarterfinal round on Halloween night, against Kelvin Tiller, he remained undefeated.

Tiller opened up by pushing for a takedown, dropping levels and pressing Isaev against the cage. It was Isaev, however, who landed the takedown, moving into guard, with Tiller on his back away from the cage. Tiller looked to post up and perhaps scramble free, but when that didn’t work out he worked his way back to the fence. However, he was flat on his back along the fence, unable to wall walk. Tiller closed his guard while Isaev worked some punches to the body. Isaev would land a number of short shots, while time wound down. With 30 seconds remaining, Tiller was upright, back to the fence, but unable to power up, or get off any offense.

Round two didn’t start out any better for the ‘Mama’s Boy’ Kelvin Tiller. He was taken down early, eating short punches to the face, still in the first minute. Isaev mixed the punches up, going to the body and head at times. They got harder as time wore on, and while they weren’t knockout blows, the cumulative damage was adding up.

In the end, it was a one-sided decision victory. Isaev advanced to take on the winner of Denis Goltsov vs. Satoshi Ishii.

Official Result: Ali Isaev def. Kelvin Tiller by unanimous decision (20-16, 20-17, 20-17)


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