MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from August

Tyrell Fortune vs Rudy Schaffroth Credit: Bellator MMA

Heavyweight, Tyrell Fortune (7-0)

Also at Bellator 225, Tyrell Fortune took on his toughest test to date in Rudy Schaffroth who was 6-0 as well. Rudy being a striker, it seemed like with the wrestling chops, Fortune would use his wrestling. That wasn’t the case though as he didn’t commit on takedown attempts. Instead Fortune showed early on that he had a big power and speed advantage. He found home with the inside leg kick taking out the legs of Rudy a few times. Fortune captured the finish in round two with that inside leg kick followed up by a right hand stunning Rudy. Fortune swarmed getting the mount to take the back and finish with the RNC. He’s 7-0 now, all in Bellator after starting his career with the promotion.

Grade: C+

Lightweight, Salikh Karavaliev (6-0)

Karavaliev made his first appearance on a big Russian show for GFC 16. Karavaliev had a complete showing putting a load of punishment on his opponent resulting in his quitting on the stool at the end of the first round. The first half of the round Karavaliev showcased some muay thai with knees and elbows, as well as landing a few head kicks. Karavaliev later would ground Karaev and would beat him up for the remainder of the fight.

Grade: C+

Heavyweight, Khusein Adamov (6-1)

Adamov didn’t face the highest level of opposite in August, fighting an opponent with a 6-4 record, but he still ran through him. In the opening seconds of the fight, Adamov entered in on the double leg to lift his opponent up and dramatically slam him to the mat. From there he moved into side control and with some elbows first, he finished with the kimura.

Grade: C

Bantamweight, Jose Johnson (10-5)

For someone that has half as many losses as he has wins, Johnson has looked stellar as of late especially in this one. Going against a credible opponent Pipe Vargas who was 7-1 at the time Johnson was able to get the first round stoppage. He put on a technical display landing with the teep kick to maintain the pace and would land from some nice angles. Vargas was able to get a takedown but quickly Johnson used a sweep to get to his feet. From there he landed a short right stunning Vargas. Johnson closed out the fight with a barrage of elbows and knees eventually dropping Vargas as the ref would step in.

Grade: B-



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