Invicta FC: Phoenix Series II Results and Recap

DeAnna Bennett
DeAnna Bennett Credit: Dave Mandel, Invicta FC

All-flyweight action made up the Invicta FC: Phoenix Series II card on Friday, as UFC alums DeAnna Bennett, Milana Dudieva, and others competed in a single-night tournament.

Invicta FC returned to the tournament format Friday night, hosting their Phoenix Series II show in Kansas City, Kansas. After strawweights took center stage in the first Phoenix Series event, it was flyweight’s time to shine. The eight woman tournament saw DeAnna Bennett, Liz Tracy, Daiana Torquato, Milana Dudieva, Miranda Maverick, Victoria Leonardo, Maiju Suotama, and Shanna Young all competing for a chance to be tournament champion.

They’d have to win their way through three fights in a night, however. Opening and semi-final fights were both single-round affairs, while the final would be a three-round fight.

Also in action, Kay Hansen took Carolina Jimenez in a tournament reserve bout. Chantel Coates and Flore Hani did the same, though due to missing weight Coates was not eligible to enter the tournament.

Josee Storts Credit: Dave Mandel, Invicta FC

In non-tournament action, Josee Storts faced Helen Lucero, and UFC vet Alexa Conners took on Mariya Agapova.

Check back come fight time for a recap and full results from Invicta FC: Phoenix Series II!

Invicta Phoenix Series II Results:

Flyweight Tournament Final: Miranda Maverick def. DeAnna Bennett via submission (Rear-Naked-Choke) – 3:38 of Round Three.

A close first round between Maverick helped kick off the main event. The two opened up by using a good variety of low-kicks and feelers as the two former opponents looked for range. Maverick countered with a good combination as she attempted to close the distance. Bennett would look for a single-leg takedown near the end of the round, but it wouldn’t come. A close first round in the rematch.

The second-round would be similar to the first. Maverick seemed to be throwing the nicer combinations, however, Bennett wanted to take the fight to the mat. Bennett tried for a takedown early in the round, however she was briefly reversed as Maverick ended up on top. Bennett would spring back up and would be in control for the rest of the round, getting a takedown in the final seconds as well.

The third would be all Maverick, however. Miranda Maverick would quickly get the takedown and then the back, Bennett would fight it off for a while. However, Maverick would get the arm under the chin and secure the rear-naked-choke. Thus becoming the tournament champion, and avenging her defeat to DeAnna Bennett.


Flyweight Co-Main Event: Mariya Agapova def. Alexa Conners via submission (Rear-Naked-Choke) -3:03 of Round One

Mariya Agapova had arguably the most impressive performance of the night. Agapova began by throwing heat and brutal body kicks. Conners pushed her into the fence to go for the takedown, but couldn’t get it. Agapova then would throw a flurry with a combination of brutal body kicks and right hands that would stun Conners. She would then literally leap on Conners back and look for the submission and would get it. Wow, what a performance.

Flyweight Bout: Josee Storts def. Helen Lucero via submission (Triangle-Choke) – 4:11 of Round One

A twenty-year difference was one of the key points in the showcase bout of Invicta newcomers with Josee Storts and Helen Lucero. It was the 21-year-old Storts who showed the veteran spirit, however, as she dominated the 41-year-old Lucero. Storts got the fight to the ground quickly, and dominated Lucero from the mount, landing brutal elbows. Lucero tried to escape but nothing was working. Storts rolled for a triangle and got the choke, as she submitted her bloodied foe.

Flyweight Tournament Semifinal: DeAnna Bennett def. Daiana Torquato via submission (Rear-Naked-Choke) – Round One

The second finish of the night would come in another comeback victory. Torquato would quickly get the back and look for the finish with a standing arm-triangle-choke, however, Bennett would battle back and get a takedown herself. Bennett would then get the back and look for the choke. Despite Torquato’s best efforts, Bennett would get the arm under the neck and get the tap that would send Bennett to the finals.

Flyweight Tournament Semifinal: Miranda Maverick def. Shana Young via submission (Rear-Naked-Choke) – 2:35 of Round One

A nice comeback win led Miranda Maverick to the finals. Despite getting dropped with one of the first shots of the fight, Maverick would survive and get the takedown. Maverick would then quickly get the back, and look for the rear-naked-choke. She would get it, and the Kansas City crowd would erupt for the first finish of the night, as Maverick would advance to the finals.

Flyweight tournament Reserve No. 2: Kay Hansen def. Carolina Jimenez via unanimous decision (10-9 3x)

Kay Hansen vs. Carolina Jimenez might as well have been a grappling contest, with the entire fight being a mix of scrambles and submission attempts. The first half of the fight seemed to be Jimenez, with Jimenez getting the back and even looking for an armbar at one point. However, Hansen would escape and from there it was all the Californian. Hansen would take Jimenez down and get the back and get dangerously close to submitting the Venezuelan. In the last 30 seconds, it really looked like Hansen would get the first finish of the evening, but it wouldn’t come. However, Hansen would get the victory via unanimous decision.

Flyweight Tournament Reserve No. 1: Chantel Coates def. Flore Hani via split-decision (10-9, 9-10, 10-9)

In what was mostly a clinch-battle, Chantel Coates and Flore Hani would go to decision. Coates looked to be the stronger of the two throughout the fight, and the one successful takedown by Hani would result in a quick escape by Coates. The fight was a mostly back and forth clinch affair until the final seconds, where Coates would land a giant combination up against the fence that appeared to almost finishing the fight. That flurry almost definitely resulted in Coates getting the victory. However, due to Coates missing weight, she would not be called upon in the event of a fighter pulling out of the tournament.

Flyweight Tournament Quarterfinal: Shanna Young def. Maiju Suotama via unanimous decision (10-9 3x)
In a fight with two drastically different halves, Maiju Suotama took on Shana Young in the final quarterfinal bout of the evening. Maiju dominated the first half of the fight, getting a slam takedown and dominating on top with her jiu-jitsu. However, after a failed back-take she would end up on the bottom, with Young on top throwing ruthless ground and pound. Maiju would throw up two armbar attempts however neither were successful, and Young would continue to throw brutal strikes. Those big strikes would lead to Young’s victory.
Flyweight Tournament Quarterfinal: Miranda Maverick def. Victoria Leonardo via unanimous decision (10-9 3x)
In a rematch of a fight from one year ago, Miranda Maverick would pick up her second win over Victoria Leonardo. Leonardo fought much differently than their first affair, she came forward early and often and tried to throw strikes. However Maverick would throw the cleaner shots, including some nice leg kicks and knees in the clinch. It was a very close fight, one that after one round, the judges gave to Maverick. Making her 2-0 in the series against Leonardo.
Flyweight Tournament Quarterfinal: DeAnna Bennett def. Liz Tracy via unanimous-decision (10-9 3x)
A grueling clinch fight was the second bout of the evening. Tracy opened the contest by running across the cage for the takedown, however, she would be stuffed by Bennett. Bennett would then get a brief takedown of her own before Tracy would recover and take Bennett down. However Bennett would look stronger throughout the exchanges, and despite Tracy’s best efforts, she couldn’t get the fight to the ground often. The fight would close with a takedown by Bennett, that likely secured her victory.
Flyweight Tournament Quarterfinal: Daiana Torquato def. Milana Dudieva via split-decision (10-9, 9-10, 10-9)
An amazing fight to kick-off the tournament, Milana Dudieva seemed to have a bit of a reckless gameplan as opposed to her opponent. Milana was looking for the finish fast and often, throwing haymakers at every turn. However, Daiana was looking to utilize the clinch and land knees whenever she could get in close. The fight was close throughout, however, in the final seconds it became hectic. A bloodied Daiana separated and started landing a combination whenever Milana got a big takedown at the end. However, it would be Daiana who would come out on top in the one-round affair via split-decision.

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