Invicta FC Phoenix Series II Weigh-In Results and Photo Highlights

Invicta FC Phoenix Series II
Credit: Dave Mandel, Invicta FC

Some of Invicta FC’s top flyweights will throw down in a one-night tournament at Phoenix Series II this Friday in Kansas City.

Invicta FC returns to action Friday night, live on UFC Fight Pass from Kansas City, Kansas. The all-female fighting promotion is hosting its Phoenix Series II event, with a one-night flyweight tournament boasting an eventual title shot for the winner.

Key names in the tournament include Mirandaa Maverick, TUF and UFC alum DeAnna Bennett, Liz Tracy, and another former UFC athlete, Milana Dudieva. Young prospect Kay Hansen is among the tournament reserves.

Find the full results from Thursday’s weigh-in below!

Invicta Phoenix Series II Weigh-In Results:

Flyweight Tournament Final: TBD vs. TBD
Flyweight Co-Main Event: Alexa Conners (125.8 lb) vs. Mariya Agapova (125.7 lb)
Flyweight Bout: Josee Storts (125.9 lb) vs. Helen Lucero (125.1 lb)
Flyweight Tournament Semifinal: TBD vs. TBD
Flyweight Tournament Semifinal: TBD vs. TBD
Flyweight tournament Reserve No. 2: Kay Hansen (125.5 lb) vs. Carolina Jimenez (124.5 lb)
Flyweight Tournament Reserve No. 1: Chantel Coates (129 lb)* vs. Flore Hani (124.7 lb)

Flyweight Tournament Quarterfinal: Maiju Suotama (123.6 lb) vs. Shanna Young (126 lb)
Flyweight Tournament Quarterfinal: Miranda Maverick (125.9 lb) vs. Victoria Leonardo (126 lb)
Flyweight Tournament Quarterfinal: DeAnna Bennett (125.8 lb) vs. Liz Tracy (125.7 lb)
Flyweight Tournament Quarterfinal: Daiana Torquato (125.4 lb) vs. Milana Dudieva (125.9 lb)
* Coates missed weight and is ineligible as a replacement. She has been fined 25% of her purse