UFC San Antonio Results: Felipe Colares Upsets Domingo Pilarte in Split-Decision

Felipe Colares UFC San Antonio
Credit: Max Fight Facebook

Felipe Colares pulled off the upset as the biggest underdog on the card, as he survived a late surge from Domingo Pilarte to win a split-decision at UFC San Antonio.

Domingo Pilarte made his promotional debut at UFC San Antonio. The 29-year-old defeated Vince Morales on the Dana White Contender Series last summer, and then had a bout with Brian Kelleher that was scheduled for UFC 230 cancelled due to a Pilarte injury. 

Felipe Colares had a bit more experience heading into the matchup with Pilarte, but not much. Colares made his UFC debut in February, taking the first loss of his career against Geraldo de Freitas by unanimous decision. The 25-year-old Brazilian was 8-1 as a pro ahead of UFC San Antonio, with five victories coming via submission.

Round 1

Both men touched gloves in the center to kick off the battle. Colares landed a big body kick early into the fight and clinched against the cage. Colares attempted to take the back of Pilarte. Pilarte defended well but absorbed knee strikes and stomps from Colares. Colares was really aggressive up close, where he landed several elbows up against the cage. Pilarte managed to escape the fence, but shortly after Colares pushed him to the cage again, after eating another body kick. Colares landed effective knees up close before he managed to take Pilarte down. Pilarte tried to maintain half guard but Colares passed to side mount. Pilarte attempted an armbar but Colares defended. Colares landed several heavy strikes on the ground which forced Pilarte to cover up. The round ended with Colares in control.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Colares

Round 2

Pilarte started the second round landed a leg kick and tried to follow with a right hand but missed. Colares landed a body kick once again and forced Pilarte up against the cage. Colares attempted a spinning elbow that missed. Pilarte attempted a Kimura which forced Colares to roll to bottom position. In the scramble both men got back to their feet but Pilarte searched for the back. Colares managed to reverse and get his own takedown. Pilarte used a kimura again and managed to control Colares back against the cage. Pilarte landed a strong flurry and managed to take Colares down. With just over a minute left in the second round, Pilarte started to gain momentum. Colares landed a body kick and managed to get top position in a scramble. The Brazilian was in Pilarte’s full guard to end the round.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Pilarte

Round 3

Colares landed a low-blow seconds into the third and final round. The referee gave Pilarte time to recover. The action continued as both men traded up close. Pilarte attempted his own takedown, but Colares managed to get back to his feet. Pilarte pushed Colares against the cage and managed to take Colares’ back. The American managed to secure a body lock whilst on the back with over three minutes left in the round. Colares defended the choke well initially and turned to the body lock side to weaken the grip. Colares started punching Pilarte from his back but couldn’t escape the back control of the American. Pilarte attempted the choke, and Colares was visibly frustrated to end the round.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Pilarte (29-28 Pilarte)

Result: Felipe Colares def. Domingo Pilarte by Split-Decision (29-28×2, 28-29) 

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