DWTNCS 13 Results and Recap: Headliner Barber Among Three Contract Winners

Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series Credit: UFC

Another week, another Tuesday, another edition of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, as DWTNCS 13 went down at the TUF Gym in Las Vegas, NV.

Strawweights topped the thirteenth installment of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, unfolding live from the TUF Gym in Las Vegas on July 17. The show was back with Macee Barber vs. Jamie Colleen in the featured fight, marking the second time the ladies had headlined DWTNCS.

Would Barber or Colleen be as successful as Antonina Shevchenko? Well that remained to be seen. Barber (4-0) was coming in undefeated. ‘The Future’ had captured all four of her wins under the LFA banner, after turning pro just over a year ago.

Jamie Colleen wasn’t far off at 4-1. She’d been featured on DWTNCS last season, but hadn’t scored a contract. Though she was getting a second look in the second season, she hadn’t fought since her first appearance. Which, as with any lengthy layoff, brought about the ring rust question.

Check back come fight time (8PM EST) for a recap and results from the night’s action at DWTNCS 13!

Edmen Shahbazyan vs. Antonio Jones

No hesitation in this middleweight scrap. They go right at it trading. In a clinch, Shahbazyan lands a number of knees, impressing immediately! Shahbazyan then then floored Jones with a pair of uppcuts, and swarmed! Out came the ground n’ pound, and ref Herb Dean called it off! Edmen Shahbazyan, managed by Ronda Rousey, gets the finish in under a minute!

Edmen Shahbazyan def. Antonio Jones by TKO, Round 1, 0:40

Austin Vanderford vs. Angelo Trevino

In welterweight action, Austin Vanderford, under the microscope as he’s in a relationship with UFC star Paige VanZant, took on Angelo Trevino. Trevino landed a straight jab early, and this one was underway. Trevino would next score with a heavy right; Vanderford returned fire. Vanderford connected with a left, countering Trevino. Trevino then initiated a takedown, looking for a single leg. Vanderford appeared to have it under control, nearly reversing, but Trevino managed to take the back. He worked on flattening Vanderford out, but Vanderford snuck out the back and drove Trevino into the fence. He converted a takedown attempt moments later only for Trevino to pop right back up. Trevino would defend with a Whizzer, and they’d eventually work off the cage. Out in the open, Trevino dropped Vanderford! Trevino landed a number of huge ground strikes and moved to mount, but somehow a rocked Vanderford escaped!

How recovered was Vanderford after being rocked in the first? Angelo Trevino was looking to find out. He was firing early in the second, but Vanderford went to the body with a kick, and seemed to have regained his equilibrium. A left and right by Vanderford connected on Trevino, and Trevino went down! Now it was Vanderford moving to full mount. Trevino gave up his back to get Vanderford out of mount, but he was in trouble. Vanderford locked in the rear-naked choke, and after some adjusting, earned the tap!

Austin Vanderford def. Angelo Trevino by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 2:42

Anthony Adams vs. Chibwikem Onyenegecha

A bit of a feeling out process to start this middleweight tilt, with the pair trading kicks. Onynegecha got the hands going first, but there wasn’t a ton of action through the first two minutes. Adams at one point flashed level change, but backed off. Adams would go high with a kick attempt later in the round. In the dying seconds of the round he’d try a jumping back kick, and they’d head to the second.

Round two saw both fighters in need of picking up the pace, given the outcome of the earlier two bouts. Yet while there were a number of kicking exchanges, both men seemed content to fire off single strikes and reset, rather than engage with combinations. Onyenegecha was clearly the aggressor, but to the midway point, the bout lacked any near finishes, and significant strikes were lacking. Adams leg was starting to show some damage, though he seemed unfazed by it.

The third had Onyenegecha active early, and Adams tried to answer back, but more than anything he was circling out of danger. Realistically the biggest news of the round was the lights going out in the gym. The blackout stopped the action, giving the fighters time to recover. A little flurry came towards the end, but they went to the bell.

Chibwikem Onyenegecha def. Anthony Adams by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Domingo Pilarte vs. Vince Morales

Domingo Pilarte opened this bantamweight battle with a kick. Would his height (six feet) play a factor? He was able to connect early, but Morales was able to close the distance and land as well. With both men connecting, Morales appeared to have the edge in significant strikes. He began mixing things up, going head and body, and throwing in leg kicks. Pilarte would connect with a 1-2 with just over a minute to go, and follow that up by rocking Morales. Morales then ate a left, but fired back a counter that dropped Pilarte! He’d look for a front choke, but was forced to let it go. They went back to the feet, Morales landed a right and Pilarte dropped to his knees. Morales jumped on him, unleashing a flurry of strikes that busted Pilarte up, but he just barely survived the round.

Pilarte immediately shot for and landed a takedown, but Morales was back up in lightening speed, and he got his hands going in turn. Pilarte however would catch a kick and take Morales down. He took the back, but struggled to get hooks in. When he did secure them, he locked in a deep rear naked choke, and Morales tried to roll through. He refused to tap, going to sleep instead, and Pilarte had the win!

Domingo Pilarte def. Vince Morales by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 1:52

Maycee Barber vs. Jamie Colleen

Colleen landed a few strikes early, but Maycee Barber was willing to eat them, punching her way inside to initiate a clinch along the cage. She fired off some standing elbows, and was winning the positional battle. Barber added knees, and was able to control Colleen for several minutes, with Colleen’s only recourse some trash talking. After three minutes, they separated, with Barber attacking the leg of Colleen then going to the head. Barber would initiate another clinch, and they’d finish with a short exchange.

Plenty of action to start the second, as Barber continued to land kicks, and Colleen worked to counter with her right hand. Barber was throwing combinations of kicks, which had Jamie Colleen guessing; she would land a counter, but Barber seemed to be doubling up on significant strikes. Collen would land a counter right then eat a big right hand from Barber, who immediately took her down with ninety seconds remaining. Elbows from the top followed; she threw in a few punches and moved to side control. Colleen forced her opponent back to guard, but that simply facilitated more ground n’ pound. Colleen would force Barber off at the end of the round, but it was once again Barber controlling the round.

A kick by Colleen tripped up Maycee Barber early in the third. Colleen then caught a kick and drove Barber into the fence. Just when momentum was shifting, Barber reversed position and took control back. She’d mix in knees, elbows, and once again control Jamie Colleen. When they did separate, Barber when high with a kick, and scored another takedown with over a minute remaining. She landed some smashing elbows with Colleen trying to buck her off or land an upkick, opening up a bloody gash on Colleen’s nose. Herb Dean had seen enough, and waved it off, giving Maycee Barber the finish!

Maycee Barber def. Jamie Colleen by TKO (elbows), Round 3, 4:15

After the bouts finished for the night, it didn’t take Dana White long to pick the contract winners. Edmen Shahbazyan, Domingo Pilarte, and Maycee Barber all got the nod and will join the UFC.

Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series 13 Results:

Maycee Barber def. Jamie Colleen by TKO (elbows), Round 3, 4:15
Domingo Pilarte def. Vince Morales by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 1:52
Chibwikem Onyenegecha def. Anthony Adams by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Austin Vanderford def. Angelo Trevino by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 2:42
Edmen Shahbazyan def. Antonio Jones by TKO, Round 1, 0:40