Pros React to CM Punk’s Lopsided Loss at UFC 225

CM Punk Credit: Dave Mandel/

CM Punk didn’t look great at UFC 225 on Saturday. Nor did Mike Jackson, but at least he got the win. See what the pros had to say.

On Saturday night in Chicago, at a packed United Center, CM Punk made the walk to the UFC octagon for the second time. Opening up the PPV portion of UFC 225 (perhaps the UFC felt the need to get it over with quickly, even as they insisted on making the fight one fans would have to pay for), it was a spectacle to be certain.

Just not one that was any fun to behold.

Punk, who had been steamrolled by Mickey Gall just under two years ago, looked a little more improved. And he managed to go the distance. Yet little more in the positive column could be said about the man born Phil Brooks. Looking like any fan would with a few years training after walking in off the street, Punk was battered by opponent Mike Jackson most of the fight.

He showed heart. He landed a takedown. But more often than not, he looked lost. In a way, it was harder to watch than his debut fight. At least that bout, mercifully, was over within a round.

The same could not be said for Saturday’s bout against Jackson, which ended in a trio of 30-26 scores.

See what the pros (plus the other Jon Jones) had to say about the affair below.