UFC Austin Results: Steven Peterson and Brandon Davis Throw Down in All Out War

Brandon Davis UFC
Brandon Davis, Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series Credit: DWTNCS/UFC.tv

There were no real losers when Brandon Davis and Steven Peterson battled in an all out war at UFC Austin on Sunday.

At UFC Austin on Sunday, Steven Peterson was making his UFC debut. ‘Ocho’ was facing off against Brandon Davis, a fellow Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series alum who was looking to rebound from a loss in his own UFC debut last month. Both fighters were highly motivated, and with each loving to bring the forward pressure, Peterson vs. Davis held a lot of promise.

Cageside Press had a chance to speak to both fighters ahead of Sunday’s bout; you can see what Peterson and Davis had to say heading into the fight.

Off the opening bell, Peterson pressed forward, biting down and looking ready for a firefight. Davis was more than happy to oblige, and answered back with counters. Davis was a little lighter on the feet, circling back and forth, looking for openings. Peterson continued to look for a way inside, and finally shot low, but the takedown wasn’t there. Davis went to the lead leg with a kick; Peterson had yet to check any of the kicks from his opponent. Peterson then connected with a kick to the body, which Davis answered in kind. While ‘Ocho’ was connecting more later in the round, the frame seemed to belong to Brandon Davis.

Round saw two Peterson continue to stay aggressive. Davis used his movement and technical advantage to keep him out of harm’s way for the most part, though a cut opened up under his eye. Peterson had no quit in him, however, and near the midway point of round two he took the back, only to be shook off. Peterson then looked for an arm-bar, but wound up with Davis in his guard. Davis got back to his feet, with ‘Ocho’ following. Peterson then shot for a double, switched to a single, but was stuffed. Still, the clinch was working for Steven Peterson, who got Davis down in the end and finished the round on top, in control.

Round three started with an all-out war as the two wound up in a short brawl. Things calmed down just a little, but both men were bloodied by the mid-way point, trading throughout the final frame. Yet incredibly, they turned it up in the final few minutes. Davis caught Peterson with a knee that wobbled him, and pretty much had him dancing and flailing. Somehow, Peterson stayed standing, and actually went on the attack — throwing a jump knee of his own and a push kick. They battled it out to the end, with Davis earning the unanimous decision in a potential Fight of the Night.

Brandon Davis def. Steven Peterson by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-26)