Heavyweight Legend Fedor Emelianenko Slams Brother Alexander in Open Letter

Bellator NYC co-headliner Fedor Emelianenko will face Matt Mitrone
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Usually a silent, stoic figure, Fedor Emelianenko has lashed out at younger brother Alexander after the latter told sovsport.ru that the Last Emperor was surrounded by “sycophants.”

Heavyweight legend and current Bellator fighter Fedor Emelianenko has penned an open letter, in which he slams brother Alexander over comments the younger fighter made in an interview. The younger of the two, Alexander Emelianenko recently returned to fighting after a prison sentence for sexual assault in his native Russia. He also opened up to Russia’s Sovsport (via RT) about a decade-long feud between the pair.

“Now he surrounds himself with ‘friends’ who follow him around, and will never tell him the truth, fearing to lose beneficial ties” Alexander Emelianenko said of the company Fedor keeps. “It’s only sycophants around him.” It’s these sycophants that the younger Emelianenko feels are to blame for the pair’s ongoing feud.

In response, Fedor released an open letter to his brother, also via Sovsport.

As translated by RT

Usually I don’t comment on other people’s statements. But I cannot remain silent. This is my first and last answer to you. I consider it beneath my dignity to constantly react to your lies.

And now the most important thing – why I decided to make this open appeal to you: you called my relatives sycophants. Sycophant – that’s you, Judas. I feel sorry that people who were close to you and supported you in hard moments are now suffering. I personally have apologized for you to dozens of people.

You can say what you like about me, I’ll endure it, but do not dare to insult those close to me. Besides, you don’t even know them. And all those whom you know helped you and played an important role in your life. And you are not worth their little finger. Therefore, you are not in my circle.

“In one of your interviews you said that you can help me. But I do not understand how you, [someone] who was released [from prison] not long ago and is known for constant violations of his training regime, can help me. I can only think of one thing – not to dishonor the family name of me and my parents

While Alexander Emelianenko is no stranger to controversy (his return fight out of prison came at WFCA 24, put on by Chechan dictator Ramzan Kadyrov’s Akhmat Fight Club), it’s rare to hear Fedor say much on any subject, let alone one as personal as this. Considered by many to be the greatest heavyweight of all time, Fedor (36–5 (1)) debuted for Bellator MMA earlier this year, losing to Matt Mitrione at Bellator NYC in June.


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