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UFC 212 Vitor Belfort

Remember When… The UFC Made Its Brazil Debut?

Regardless of how obnoxious certain aspects of modern day professional MMA and the UFC can be, we can always go back to a simpler time, remembering when… the UFC held their debut event in Brazil. Certain aspects of following the highest...
Angela Lee, ONE Championship

Shots Fired: Has UFC Lost the Opening Skirmish in an International MMA War?

The month of May was a study in MMA on the international stage. The UFC, Bellator, KSW, and ONE Championship all hosted major events outside the U.S. Long the pinnacle of the sport, the UFC saw its global attendance...
UFC 217 Michael Bisping Georges St. Pierre

Three “Huh?” Moments in MMA Last Week: May 29 Edition

Bellator's big moves keep coming, the UFC is still trying to ruin their best possible fight, and GSP and Bisping have been hurt the whole time. Huh? Finding the proper response to much of the news finding its way into...
UFC Alexander Gustafsson

Remember When… Alexander Gustafsson Made His UFC Debut?

Regardless of how obnoxious certain aspects of modern day professional MMA and the UFC can be, we can always go back to a simpler time, remembering when... Starting with Alexander Gustafsson's debut at UFC 105. Certain aspects of following the...
UFC President Dana White

Logic: The Problem With the UFC’s Fight Night Bonus Structure

The UFC has been handing out "Performance of the Night" bonuses for years, rewarding fighters tens of thousands of dollars for high-quality or entertaining performances inside the Octagon. While more money for fighters is always good, when the process is...
MMA Dana White

Three “Huh?” Moments in MMA Last Week: May 22 Edition

The UFC is struggling to fill their main event slot for International Fight Week once again, Mighty Mouse is speaking his mind, and nobody knows what's going on with Georges St. Pierre and Michael Bisping. Huh? Finding the proper response...
Cris Cyborg, UFC Women's Divisions

Cris Cyborg May Have Sounded Death Knell for UFC Women’s Featherweight Division

Quick, name the top five ranked fighter's in the UFC's featherweight division, female side. Wait, what do you mean that the division doesn't really have any fighters outside of a champion in exile and featherweight wrecking machine Cris Cyborg...
MMA Soccer Jon Jones

Comparing Three MMA Fighters to Soccer Stars

The rulesets and cultures of MMA and soccer may differ greatly, however, there are some similarities that can be drawn when looking at the competitors who have graced the two sports. From pies and pints to diving and derbies, you better...
UFC aldo rousey

UFC: Stop the Interim Insanity, I Want to Get Off

In the wake of Georges St. Pierre not being ready to fight until after October, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping says he's injured, and isn't able to fight any time soon. That would be all well and good, except...
UFC 211 Demian Maia Jorge Masvidal UFC 215

UFC 215: Potential Main Event Options for August’s Pay-Per-View

Now that the cards for UFC 213 and 214 are beginning to take shape, and we have UFC 211 behind us, we can begin to wonder who the promotion will call upon at UFC 215 in August. Currently unannounced, the...