Payton Talbott Reacts To 19 Second Finish, Speaks On Yanez Callout

Las Vegas – UFC bantamweight Payton Talbott didn’t have a very long fight at UFC 303 against Yanis Ghemmouri who he finished via knockout in 19 seconds on Saturday night.

“Super fast. Just everything’s passing super fast. Kind of bittersweet,” Talbott told reporters including Cageside Press at his post-fight scrum.

“I wanted to get more out of that fight than I did, but it’s always good to come over prepared.”

Talbott (9-0) didn’t really want the fight to end that quickly likely hoping to show a bit more of what he’s been working on.

“I just gave him a second to get back up because I was like, I didn’t want it to end that fast, but I saw his head snap back. I was like okay you got to finish the job at that point,” he said.

The finish as easy as 1-2, literally, as Talbott was able to capitalize on Ghemmouri throwing a kick at the same time.

“I just threw a 1-2. I didn’t even know that he threw a kick which is really ironic because of the video that I put out, but I saw when I watched it back that he was throwing a kick,” said Talbott.

“That was when I landed that 1-2 so he was off balance. Just went to throw a 1-2 and it landed.”

With the victory secured Talbott called out Adrian Yanez for a fight which the crowd seemed to react positively to.

“I just think that’s a dog fight. It’s a tough fight and we would put on a really good show. It would just be fireworks so I’m all for it,” he said.

“I respect the dude.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Payton Talbott above.