UFC Vegas 93: Nate Maness Tops Jimmy Flick in Decision

Nate Maness and Jimmy Flick, UFC Vegas 93
Nate Maness and Jimmy Flick, UFC Vegas 93 weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Jimmy Flick vs. Nate Maness was one of several promising flyweight fights on the UFC Vegas 93 card on Saturday, which was headlined by another 125lb affair featuring Alex Perez and Tatsuro Taira.

Flick and Maness were both coming off single wins and looking to put together the start of a win streak.

Maness started the fight by establishing the jab right away, while Jimmy looked to use head movement and cover up. Flick threw kicks at multiple targets, body and head, with success to the body. With nearly three minutes left in the round, Flick went for a single leg takedown, but Maness was able to clamp down on the guillotine while pinned against the fence. Flick released the single leg and the two returned to exchanging in the center of the octagon. Maness was looking very composed still throwing the jab and landing to the body and head.

With one minute left in the round Flick, threw combinations and attempted to enter on the single leg once again. After a little resistance, Flick took Maness to the ground where his opponent elected to hang on to the guillotine. Flick looked for the von flue choke in the final seconds of the round but was unsuccessful.

To open the second round, Maness uncorked a couple of combinations looking for the body of a retreating and circling, Flick. But Jimmy was able to come forward with some solid punches to the midsection and leg kicks, all while still moving his head to evade some of the incoming jabs. Nearly halfway thru the round and Maness still looked in control, poking his opponent with single punches and successfully keeping him away from a shot and locking in a D’arce momentarily. Jimmy escaped and continued the scramble, looking for a body lock takedown against the fence. Jimmy didn’t get the takedown and ended up back against the fence and dropped for a guillotine. Maness was able to pop his head out of the guillotine and rain down some punishing shots on Flick in the closing seconds of the round.

Maness came out again flicking the jab finding the head of Flick a little earlier to start the third.

Flick was stalking Maness with his guard high, waving on his opponent, and trying to strike into the clinch.  Midway through the round, Flick attempted yet another single leg takedown off of a nice overhand. Maness was able to defend the takedown once again and turn Flick around against the cage.  Nate had Flick up against the cage and was landing some nasty short punches and knees. Maness was able to maintain control in the clinch and in the final seconds, a bloodied Flick unsuccessfully went for the guillotine landing on his back and absorbing some ground n’ pound before time expired.

All three judges would award the fight for Nate Maness.

Official Result: Nate Maness def. Jimmy Flick by unanimous decision (30-27 30-27, 29-28)