Tim Johnson Details Groin Shot, Hopes To Be With PFL Longterm

Uncasville – PFL heavyweight Tim Johnson had a ‘highlight’ of sorts at PFL 4 where he defeated Danilo Marques to punch his ticket into the playoffs on Thursday night.

‘Highlight’ might be too strong a word. Johnson suffered a very nasty shot to the groin at the exact same time as he landed a big left hook dropping Marques to the ground. What ensued was a confusing couple of minutes.


“I haven’t been hit in the groin like that ever. In practice, in a fight, that was a instant,” Johnson told reporters including Cageside Press on Thursday.

“I ate two good kicks from Danilo. That body kick and that really…I thought I was going to go down it took a lot for me to stay on my feet.”

Johnson (18-9) then took the shot to the groin and everything was just painful at that point.

“It was a instant pain, didn’t even know I rolled, didn’t even know that I landed a shot until everybody was talking about it afterwards. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again. Don’t like that,” Johnsons said with a smile.

At the end of the day alls well that ends well with Johnson scoring the finishing TKO shortly after the groin shot.

“After absorbing the shot it kind of motivated me, it kind of pissed me off a little bit, maybe worked out,” he said.

Now he’s in the playoffs and set to take on Denis Goltsov in August.

“Hopefully no injuries or (anything) too bad and things line up score wise. I got to skip half of it,” he said.

“Don’t have to wait till next season to maybe sneak my way into a million dollars. Hopefully I found a home (PFL), and able to stay here. Give it actual real try one more time.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Tim Johnson above.