Shamel Findley on Bad Blood with Bilal Hasan Ahead of CFFC 132

There’s been no shortage of bad blood between flyweight Shamel Findley and Bilal Hasan ahead of CFFC 132 on Friday night.

Not surprisingly, there were words exchanged during Thursday’s face-off, in advance of the card at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

As to what was said, Findley (6-2-1) told Cageside Press that “I just told him I appreciate him showing up, and I just told him to remember that he asked for it. ‘Remember that you called me out.'”

“I was at home, or I was out in a cabin in the woods, just finding myself, in my zen. He called me out,” Findley recalled, going on to say that “I told him to remember that he asked for it, and I told him I have to make an example out of him. Because I get these guys, I don’t know what it is, I got out there and put people out, and I still get these guys, these really flamboyant characters that want to make a name off of me. So I’ve got to make an example out of this guy.”

Findley believes a win on Friday could pave the way for a title shot. “Oh yeah for sure. I think there’s no better title fight than me.”

As for whether the pair will bury the hatchet after the fight, Findley isn’t sure how friendly his opponent will want to be with him. “After you feel that thing, you might take it personally,” he noted, but added that there’s nothing personal on his end. “We’ll be cool after. I’ll teach him how to stomach a loss.”

Watch our full interview with CFFC 132’s Shamel Findley above.