Road to UFC 3: Episode 1 Breakdown and Predictions

Strawweight, Xiaocan Feng Vs. Kiran Singh

Tale of the Tape

Xiaocan Feng
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Combined opponent’s record: 60-27
Kiran Singh
Uttar Pradesh, India
Combined opponent’s record: 2-6

Pros and Cons

Xiaocan Feng


  • Good straight punches
  • Controls range well
  • Good ground and pound


  • Poor TDD
  • Lost off her back
  • Zero head movement
  • Advances in straight lines

Kiran Singh


  • Nothing


  • Everything

Prediction: Kiran Singh is probably one of the worst fighters I have ever scouted. For the UFC brass to even bring her on Road to UFC 3 is a smack in the face to other talent. If you look at her Tapology one of her fights was flagged for legitimacy, while she has two fights listed as exhibitions since turning pro.

When it comes to her “wins,” they look questionable as well. What I’m trying to say is that her fights have a serious question as to legitimacy, and she doesn’t even look good in them. I can’t tell you one thing she does well but she does everything wrong.

Feng has some huge concerns as well. I mean, you can’t be taken seriously if you’re losing to Na Liang. She has gaps in her defense especially TDD and off her back. Feng does at least have decent striking and that’s more than I can say about Singh. Feng is at least 22 so she has upside. Even though Feng probably won’t win Road to UFC 3 she should destroy Singh. I’ve got Feng by first-round KO.