Road to UFC 3: Episode 1 Breakdown and Predictions

Featherweight, Shin Haraguchi Vs. Jun Young Hong

Tale of the Tape

Shin Haraguchi
Kagoshima, Japan
7-1, 1 NC
Combined opponent’s record: 72-31-2
Jun Young Hong
Seoul, South Korea
Combined opponent’s record: 53-41-3

Pros and Cons

Shin Haraguchi


  • Excellent wrestling
  • Strong top position
  • Quick hands
  • Good chain-wrestling
  • Scrambles well
  • Excellent ground and pound
  • Fast starter
  • Excellent ground control


  • Struggles at range
Jun Young Hong


  • Good volume
  • Good head movement
  • Tough
  • Uses feints well
  • Explosive
  • Good leg kicks


  • Doesn’t wear damage well
  • Will overextend on punches
  • Ducks his head when engaging
  • Defense weakens as the fight goes
  • TDD needs a little work

Prediction: Haraguchi fought last season on Road to UFC and lost in the finals. Hong fought on season one and lost in the first round. The big difference is Haraguchi is moving down to featherweight this season. He fought at 155lbs last season where he was way too undersized.

Hong is 33 but it is better than what you would think. He’s a solid fighter that could give anyone in this bracket a challenge. I do favor the younger Haraguchi. Hong does struggle with wrestling and Haraguchi is a high-level wrestler. Hong is also dealing with someone who’s a top-notch chain wrestler. I wouldn’t count out Hong because he is the better striker and could be the favorite as the fight goes on. I just know Haraguchi will stick to a wrestling game plan and I don’t see Hong fending him off. I like Haraguchi by decision.