Jiri Prochazka Looks To Be ‘Laser Focused’ Against Pereira

New York, NY – Attempting to win his UFC light-heavyweight title back against Alex Pereira is Jiri Prochazka who says he must be ‘laser focused’ at UFC 295.

“This week, laser focused, for me it’s about the laser focus for the performance (on) the night,” Prochazka told reporters including Cageside Press on Wednesday.

“It’s not just about me it’s about my opponent too because, how good the performance of my opponent will be, I am better every time than my opponents trying to be in every moment. I like to have a good (opponent) because opponent’s performance push my performance.”

Fans and media have labeled this fight a samurai vs the indigenous tribesman type of fight.

“I see it like warrior against warrior. I don’t want to speak about my samurai character, but it’s true. I was inspired many years by these bushido (code) and this type of focus for fight. For everything that (you’re doing in your) life,” he said.

“To do it with all your focus. Give all your heart to your performance so that’s why we are the warriors.”

The matchup with Pereira is a promising one between two men who throw caution to the wind at times. This wasn’t the fight fans were expecting. Current champion Jamahal Hill, who will hold the title until the cage closes on Saturday night’s main event, is out due to injury.

“I did not talk about Jamahal or Pereira, who is better, but if I can say it now I think Pereira’s style in stand up is much sharper than Jamahal Hill’s style. That’s my opinion,” Prochazka said.

Prochazka is coming off a long layoff himself after suffering a shoulder injury forcing him to relinquish the title. Winning the belt back would mean

“The belt from last year I have (in) my room. I still think myself like a champion, but I need to remind all people that I really am,” he said.

“Because I need to keep it in the present.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Jiri Prochazka above. He takes on Alex Pereira at UFC 295 on Saturday night.