Curtis Blaydes Happy To See Jon Jones At Heavyweight, Looking At Almeida Fight Next

Las Vegas, NV – The UFC heavyweight division hasn’t been the most exciting as of late, at least until Jon Jones entered the fray, and now guys like Curtis Blaydes will reap the rewards as their division gets a lot more attention.

“Obviously this is very exciting time to be a heavyweight. You add a guy like Jon Jones to the division. He brings a lot more eyes, a lot more excitement, and he also brings bigger paydays. You get against a guy like him you definitely going to get a lot more moneys,” Blaydes told Cageside Press at UFC X on Friday.

“Hopefully that’s in the future for me, but even if not there’s a lot of other high-quality matchups for me.”

Hopes for a title fight against Jones are there, but for now Blaydes finds himself working to climb the ranks towards a title fight.

“I definitely want to get one in because it’s only July right now. I’m definitely going to have another one,” he said.

“Probably in the fall. I don’t know where or against who exactly, but it might be the Brazilian, Jailton Almeida. That’s all I got on that right now.”

Watch the entire UFC X interview with Curtis Blaydes above.