Yancy Medeiros Details Finish, Says Catchweight Was Due To Injury

Honolulu, HI – It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a finish from Bellator lightweight Yancy Medeiros, but the Hawaii native pulled one off at Bellator 295 on Saturday night against Charlie Leary.

“Brah, it’s been a minute man. First off that guy Charlie just came back from dead. He’s tough man. That guy’s really tough. When I dropped him the first time, that was the thing, brah I never feel this feeling for so long,” Medeiros told reporters including Cageside Press at his post-fight scrum.

“So I just came in for the kill, and he ended up getting back up.”

Medeiros (17-8) had to calm himself down in order to get back into fight mode with the finish not materializing in that moment. The end came to Medeiros soon after.

“You hurt him again, take him down bro, tap him out. That’s where the win’s going to be. That’s where it was,” he said.

There was a moment earlier in the fight where Medeiros was woken up by some shots from Leary that got the Hawaiian going. When he felt drops of blood on his head he knew it was on.

“There was one point where we got off the fence and then I started feeling drips of blood. I was like ‘oh you made me bleed! Alright we here bro! Don’t worry, I’m coming back!’. He really utilized his range well,” said Medeiros.

“There was a time where I was like ‘f*ck your range, I’m coming’.”

The fight was supposed to be a lightweight bout, but Bellator made the change to a catchweight fight at 165-pounds. Medeiros revealed that it was actually he who requested the change.

“It was actually 165 for me. I honestly had an injury, and I was going through some things,” Medeiros said. He went on to explain that he communicated with Leary a month before the fight if he was good to fight at a catchweight.

“He was willing to and I really appreciate that from my opponent.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Yancy Medeiros above.