Patchy Mix Talks Million Dollar Knee, Says Pettis Doesn’t Want Him Next

Honolulu, Hawaii – Lot of fighters have what they like to call the ‘money shot’, but very few are worth a literal million dollar payday like the one Bellator interim bantamweight champion Patchy Mix landed on Raufeon Stots on Saturday night at Bellator 295.

“Yeah man out of nowhere. I’ve been working that shot, me and Nate Pettit, my coaches. Right before walked out we were drilling good and it landed, you know, I put him out with it,” Mix told reporters at his post-fight scrum.

Mix (18-1) mentioned that he developed the knee because he’s a south paw and going against orthodox fighters left an opening for him to land it.

Mix is mostly known for being a grappler, but he wants his respect as a striker as well. After Saturday night it’ll be pretty hard to deny the request.

“No one outworks me or no one out-bullies me or beats me up. So I’m thinking I know I don’t have a lot of knockouts because I’m very good on the ground, but don’t think I can’t put your lights out because I shoot in and try to strangle you,” he said.

“It’s just the easiest way to win.”

Now onto the business of unifying the bantamweight titles. Bellator bantamweight champion Sergio Pettis is scheduled to defend his title against Patricio Pitbull at Bellator 297 in Chicago, IL on June 17.

“I don’t know if Pettis really wants to fight me. I knew he was picking Rauf to win. I don’t know how he could pick that, but I don’t think Pettis really wants to fight me,” Mix said.

The fact that Pettis picked Stots to win seemed to irk the new interim champion and he offered a prediction of his own.

“I think Pitbull takes it. You know you can’t pick against him. I want to fight the pound-for-pound number 1. Like let Pitbull take it,” he said.

“I’m hoping he wins and I could fight the best.”

At the end of the day Mix knows he will have to face either Pitbull or Pettis soon after Belator 297. He hopes to prove he’s the #1 pound-for-pound fighter on the roster.

“I don’t know if they’re worried about me. I think they’re just worried about their task at hand at the moment. I believe I’m the best bantamweight in the world. I train with the top guys in the world, some of the best in the world, I believe I’m the best bantamweight 135-pounder in the world today,” said Mix.

“I’m just getting better. I’m just growing into my prime now.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Patchy Mix above.