Bill Algeo, and the Best Heel Promos in UFC History

Colby Covington, 2017 — UFC Sao Paulo, ripping Brazil

“Brazil you’re a dump, all you filthy animals suck!”

You knew Colby Covington would be on this list. If this is your jumping off point, that’s fine. We get it. Covington’s heel persona is not for everyone.

Like Chael Sonnen, Colby Covington is textbook wrestling heel. He’s playing a character, from the wannabe porn star babes on his arms to his smarmy, self-confident personality, that was nowhere to be found early in his career. Covington was smart enough to know that hard work might get you to the dance, but you need something more to keep you there. He even, allegedly, attended some pro wrestling shows with American Top Team owner Dan Lambert to pick up the tricks of the trade (Lambert has made appearances for Impact wrestling and AEW over the years).

The difference between Colby and Chael thus far has been, while Chael courted disaster by insulting Brazil (where the finer points of pro wrestling simply aren’t part of the culture), he managed to redeem himself. Whereas Colby, with his MAGA gimmick, has not, even as it grows stale in the post-Trump era.

Time for a face turn? Regardless, Colby’s shtick got him the notoriety required to land big fights, including two shots at Kamaru Usman. And now, apparently, the next title shot, against Leon Edwards.