Bill Algeo, and the Best Heel Promos in UFC History

Chael Sonnen, 2013 — UFC on FOX Sports 1, Calling Out Wanderlei Silva

“Right here on the UFC’s new home, FOX Sports 1, Wanderlei Silva. Six feet tall and 205 pounds— boy until I met you, I didn’t know they could stack crap that high.”

There are a lot of Chael Sonnen promos that could fill this entry. Chael’s entire career, prior to his shift to broadcasting, was a riff on the pro wrestling heel. From carrying around a fake belt and calling himself the “real” champ after losing to Anderson Silva the first time, to mercilessly insulting anyone careless enough to try to engage in a battle of wits, it was all heel playbook material. It’s a wonder Sonnen never actually made the jump to the wrestling side.

Not even the UFC’s commentary team was spared. Take Joe Rogan, who tried to regain control of Sonnen’s UFC on FOX Sports 1 post-fight interview after the Silva comment.

“Woah, woah, woah, I will let you know when I’m done, Joe,” Chael said while cutting Rogan off. “I just got done with a world champion, if you think I won’t add a middle-aged  comedian just for the pleasure of it, you’d better think again.”

“Wanderlei Silva, three months, you and the Bad Guy!”

It would take years, a stint on TUF, and a new promotion before Wanderlei and Chael actually fought. Which is a shame, because prime heel Sonnen was something special.