Bill Algeo, and the Best Heel Promos in UFC History

Bill Algeo, 2023 — UFC Kansas City, with a Fake Retirement

Obviously the newest entry on this list, which is not in any particular order.

Bill Algeo’s UFC Kansas City heel turn was textbook — especially ripping on whatever town the heel is performing in that night. That’s Pro Wrestling 101: rip the host city for cheap heat, praise it for a cheap pop. If you’re a heel, you want heat. The jeers and boos are what you’re getting paid for.

After feigning retirement (shortly after both Zak Cummings and Ed Herman had actually retired), Algeo let loose with “I’d like to make this official announcement, that I am not retiring, baby! You’re going to have to drag my carcass out of here!”

He’s later add “Listen, I would never retire in a dump like Kansas City. I look around here and all I see is a bunch of croc-wearing, Uber eats-driving, Bud light-drinking… sons of guns! I ain’t never retiring.” Algeo then capped it off with a Rick Flair-inspired “Woooo!”

Daniel Cormier got the point, telling the Kansas City crowd that they had better boo Algeo for “a fantastic performance and an even better promo.” They did.