Bill Algeo, and the Best Heel Promos in UFC History

Ben Rothwell, 2015 — UFC New Orleans, and Big Ben’s Maniacal Laugh

Not everyone has to be the uber-serious villain all the time. The dirty little secret of pro wrestling is that it’s corny, it knows it’s corny, and that’s all part of the fun. Just where the hell was Macho Man keeping all those dairy creamers anyway?

Some of that hokey stuff doesn’t always work (hey there, Shockmaster). But a goofy bad guy can be as fun as a downright evil villain. “Big” Ben Rothwell went that route in 2015, cutting his own version of a heel promo complete with maniacal laugh.

“There is not a man on this planet who can stop me in this octagon, and only politics can slow me. I don’t have much left to say, other than you have seen nothing yet. HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH.”

After seeming like a fairly standard heavyweight interview, Rothwell really let his personality show a little here. Points for the killer laugh, but it’s a shame he didn’t immediately exit the cage, and instead stuck around for the interview with Jon Anik.