Bellator 292: Life Is Good At Welterweight For Goiti Yamauchi

San Jose, CA – Ten years in with Bellator and welterweight Goiti Yamauchi has yet to fight for a title, but he gets a chance to earn a title shot at Bellator 292 against one of the sport’s most exciting names in Michael “Venom” Page on Friday night.

“I believe good things takes time. Good things takes time to happen. I had some opportunities in my past weight class like 145. I think 145, 155, I was pretty close to fight for the title. I think it’s all about timing, support, the fight game is all about timing and you should be very patient to still compete at the high level and take no damage,” Yamauchi told reporters on Wednesday.

“That’s what I’ve tried to do. No damage, patience, I know my times is coming. My time is coming. Friday will be the time.”

A couple of fights into his welterweight stint Yamauchi has had success against the likes of Neiman Gracie and Levan Chokheli. After spending most of his career and featherweight and lightweight Yamauchi sees the benefits of not cutting as much weight to fight.

“It’s been a good change. Not just because of the amount of weight that I don’t have to cut, but my mental health is really important too. I have a better quality in my routine. I can just focus in my performance. It’s crazy to think that I used to cut for 145. It’s too crazy. I’m not a tall guy, but I have a lot of good muscles. It’s hard to cut it. It’s been good to be a welterweight,” he said.

“I think it’s all about mindset. I think the great champions, the great fighters, they prove for everybody that…I see a lot of people still talking about measures. How tall, how big some guy is, but I don’t think it matter. What matters to me is the size of your heart, of your spirit, if you have the desire, the will to win, you will.”

Yamauchi said the emergence of double champions in multiple organizations is proof that your size doesn’t matter when it comes to fighting.

“Nowadays you see a lot of double champions. They’re successful when they go up. When they try to go down like T.J. Dillashaw they came up short. Sometimes it’s a good option to change your weight to go up. You’re not going to get smaller, you’re going to get stronger,” said Yamauchi.

Page brings a lot of star power and excitement into the fight as Yamauchi faces someone who many saw, and some still see, as the face of Bellator.

“This fight comes in the right time. Unfortunately for him it’s my time to shine,” Yamauchi said.

Watch the entire media day scrum with Goiti Yamauchi above. Yamauchi takes on Michael ‘Venom’ Page at Bellator 292 on Friday night in San Jose, CA.