Ian Machado Garry Respects MVP Getting In Cage, Still Claims He’s A Cheater

Las Vegas – UFC welterweight Ian Garry said he respects Michael Venom Page for getting into the octagon with him at UFC 303 on Saturday night, but still held strong to his claims that his opponent is a cheater.

“When it comes to what was said, the build up, everything I said was factual and true,” Garry told reporters including Cageside Press at his post-fight scrum.

“There was money offered, and it’s filthy and I think it’s cheating.”

Garry (15-0) claimed at the press conference for UFC 303 earlier in the week that MVP had offered to pay someone in his camp to spy on him.

“It’s disgusting in the sport, but I always respect someone who’s willing to stand in the octagon with me,” he said.

“I didn’t have to fight tonight. I could have waited, Conor’s (McGregor) out, I could have waited. I’m not that person. I want to fight. I want to fight everyone and anyone.”

Garry was seen having a conversation with the commission at official weigh-ins on Friday morning. The Irish star confirmed that it was about his claims that MVP tried to cheat for their fight.

“The way I looked at it is how many times he’s done it in his career prior to? How many times he gone into a fight with an unfair advantage. As a fighter, if you ask me two questions, Ian would your rather be on juice or would you rather have knowledge? What’s more powerful? Knowledge beats everything,” he said.

“So that to me makes me think that it’s f*cking cheating. We do all these drug tests, we do all this stuff to go you’re clean you’re not doing drugs, but someone come out here and offer money for my information for my team. Thank God Chute Boxe is f*cking rock solid.”

Garry said the entire team locked everything down to make sure nothing that MVP could use got out during camp.

“Thank God Chute Boxe go no. We shut it down and we locked everything down and had a blackout on Instagram and stuff and socials. I said to the commissioner they were like look there’s no rules against it,” said Garry.

“Well let’s make sure there is because it’s cheating and it’s dirty. We can’t be doing all this stuff when it comes to testing and making sure the sports clean and then people are being dirty in other regard.”

The welterweight took it a step further. With the explosion of gambling on sports due to legalization comes possible tampering in order to make money.

“Has anyone ever won money on it? Has there ever been any side bets on it? If you know what I know, and I’m putting money on it because we have inside information, it’s f*cking dirty,” he said.

“When I said there should be suspension for life I believe that if you go check the bank accounts and you go check the bookies I guarantee there’s been some money won somewhere along the line and that’s filthy and that’s cheating to me.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Ian Garry above.