10 Featherweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2023


Kevin “El Chino” Vallejos

21 | 5’7″ | Mar del Plata, Argentina | 9-0 | 7 Finishes | 6 KO/TKOs, 1 Submission |Combined Opponents’ Record: 42-42 | Best Win – Nestor Machado (17-9)

Vallejos had a huge 2022 fighting six times. On top of fighting six times in one year he won the Samurai Fight House title. Esteban Ribovics and Alilin Perez were both Samurai Fight House champions and signed with the UFC last year. Argentina is getting stronger and stronger with talent and Vallejos is arguably the best unsigned talent.

Vallejos is a small compact power puncher. Not just someone that looks for that one punch KO as he throws in combinations. He’s really mainly focused on his hands but does have some heavy leg kicks he’ll throw from time to time. Vallejos fights in bursts exploding in with power kicks. Also, he allows guys to come forward and he’ll counter over the top with looping hooks. He’s super dangerous.

“I want to be in the UFC because it’s the biggest event in the world and it’s where the best fighters are. I know I have what it takes to get there,” he told us. “I am young, I am still learning, I have been undefeated in nine professional fights and fourteen amateur fights. I am the undisputed South American Champion. I just need the opportunity and I will be the first Argentinian champion in the UFC”


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