Road to UFC: Episode 6 Breakdown and Predictions

Jung Young Lee
Jung Young Lee Credit: ROAD FC

The Road to UFC tournament returns in conjunction with this week’s UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi. Taking place at the Etihad Arena, Road to UFC 6 will feature four weight classes, from flyweight to lightweight, all of which come in the semifinal round. It immediately follows Road to UFC 5 earlier in the day. A welterweight featured fight will also be included, resulting in a five-fight card.

UFC contracts are on the line! Here’s a look at what’s to come.

Featherweight: Lu Kai Vs. Lee Jung Young

Tale of the Tape

Lu Kai
Shanghai, China
8-3, 1 NC
Two-fight win streak
Lee Jung Young
Daegu, South Korea
5-fight win streak

Pros and Cons

Lu Kai


  • Good head movement
  • Powerful right hand
  • Fast starter
  • Heavy ground and pound
  • Good leg kicks
  • Wrestles well


  • Throws singles strikes
  • Gives up his back
  • Throws blind kicks
  • Hands kept low
  • Sits in the pocket too long

Lee Jung Young


  • Power striker
  • Technical
  • Dangerous counter striker
  • Goes body-head well
  • Solid gas tank
  • Good kickboxing
  • Submission threat
  • Nice jab
  • Good movement
  • Good one-two
  • Good pocket striker
  • Dangerous off his back


  • Sits in the pocket too long
  • Too willing to exchange
  • Questionable TDD

Prediction: Young is probably my favorite prospect in this entire tournament. While Kai did impress me in his last fight this is a massive step up from Angaa Hans.

Outside of maybe Kai landing something big on Young I can’t see him winning. On the feet outside of that power, Young is on a much higher level. Young also has power but is more technical, a better kickboxer, and a dangerous counter striker. He could very well make Kai pay for throwing single strikes or lazy kicks.

Young did get taken down easy his last fight so Kai has a chance to do the same. I don’t rate the grappling of Kai high at all and at least Young is pretty skilled everywhere. I’ve got Young in this and I’m pretty sure he ends this fight at some point.