Road to UFC: Episode 6 Breakdown and Predictions

Nandin Erdene VS Ki Won-Bin, ROAD FC 33 Credit: ROAD FC

Lightweight, Jeka Asparido Saragih Vs. Ki Won Bin

Tale of the Tape

Jeka Saragih
4-fight win streak
Ki Won Bin
South Korea
Two-fight win streak

Pros and Cons

Jeka Saragih


  • Good leg kicks
  • Explosive
  • Scrambles well
  • Heavy hand
  • Good wrestling
  • Heavy kicks
  • Throws kicks behind punches
  • Good grappling
  • Fast starter
  • Heavy ground and pound
  • Submission threat/Good RNC


  • Can be over aggressive
  • TDD needs some work
  • Slows a little as the fight goes

Ki Won Bin 


  • Good right hand
  • Knockout power
  • Fast starter
  • Constant forward pressure
  • dangerous in exchanges


  • Weak chin
  • Gets drawn into brawls
  • Reckless

Prediction: Both guys had favorable match-ups in their first fight in the tournament. I do think it means something that it took Saragih three rounds to finish his opponent and only one for Bin.

I would say Saragih is the more dangerous guy but Bin is the more complete fighter. Bin is a seasoned veteran that has fought some good fighters. For Saragih, Bin is the best guy he’s fought.

The way I see this going in a competitive fight early on but Bin takes over as the fight goes. The pick is Bin but I’m not too interested.