Road to UFC: Episode 6 Breakdown and Predictions

Samandar Murodov Credit: Tapology

Welterweight, Gian Siqueira Vs. Samandar Murodov

Tale of the Tape

Gian Siqueira
Santa Catarina, Brazil
Two-fight win streak
Samandar Murodov
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Seven-fight win streak

Pros and Cons

Gian Siqueira


  • Submission threat
  • Good wrestling
  • Dangerous off his back
  • Good in the clinch
  • Strikes to wrestle well
  • Good ground and pound


  • TDD needs work
  • Vulnerable in exchanges
  • Slows as the fight goes

Samandar Murodov


  • Active ground and pound
  • Slick back take
  • Submission threat
  • Good wrestling
  • Strong defensive grappling
  • Scrambles well


  • TDD needs some work
  • Head movement lacks

Prediction: This has a lot of promise in terms of being an exciting fight. Both men are excellent grapplers that may decide to stand and trade.

The biggest factor in grappling is that Murodov has a sustainable gas tank whereas Siqueira slows fairly quickly. I side with Siqueira slightly on the feet but with his gas tank and defense, he’s not to be trusted when trading shots. I believe cardio will be a factor for him and I think Murodov could out-scramble Siqueira.

Murodov is the better grappler in my opinion and he’s my pick here.