Road to UFC: Episode 5 Breakdown and Predictions

Toshiomi Kazama
Toshiomi Kazama Credit: Youtube

Bantamweight: Kim Min Woo Vs. Toshiomi Kazama

Tale of the tape

Kim Min Woo
South Korea
2-fight win streak
Toshiomi Kazama
Ibaraki, Japan
No win streak

Pros and Cons

Kim Min Woo


  • Good pocket striker
  • Good kicks
  • Strong jab
  • Submission threat
  • Good straight punches


  • Low output
  • At times head sits on the centerline

Toshiomi Kazama


  • Huge submission threat
  • Good wrestling/Excellent trips
  • Well-conditioned
  • Excellent back take
  • Aggressive
  • Diverse submission attack
  • Scrambles well
  • Explosive
  • Excellent jiu-jitsu


  • Over pursues takedowns at times

Prediction: Kim was able to skate to the Road to UFC semifinals due to his opponent pulling out of the fight in the opening round.

On the other side, Kazama looked great in his first fight and had three good rounds under his belt.

Woo is going to have to deal with pressure, defend takedowns, and survive the grappling exchanges. Woo is a good striker and one who is by far the best striker Kazama has fought. Kazama is still raw on the feet but is competent enough to hold his own. I’m confident that Kazama can close the distance, get takedowns, and dominate on the mat. I like Kazama as he has the clearest path to victory.