Road to UFC: Episode 5 Breakdown and Predictions

Kai Asakura vs. Topnoi Thanongsakiek Credit: RIZIN FF

Flyweight: Park Hyun Sung Vs. Top Noi

Tale of the Tape

Park Hyun Sung
South Korea
9-fight win streak
Top Noi
Phuket, Thailand
Two-fight win streak

Pros and Cons

Park Hyun Sung


  • Submission threat
  • Good jab
  • Explosive
  • Good vision
  • Heavy leg kicks
  • Good shot-placement
  • Competent grappling
  • Good kicks


  • Head movement lacks
  • Can be over aggressive
  • TDD needs some work

Top Noi


  • Heavy kicks
  • Good elbows
  • Hits hard
  • Dangerous in exchanges
  • Power left hook
  • Explosive
  • Good counter striker


  • Suspect chin
  • Rushing in exposed
  • Limited grappling
  • TDD needs some work
  • Hands low
  • Low volume
  • Nothing off his back

Prediction: Noi should be a lot better than he shows in the cage. He’s got sharp striking and good power but lacks activity and any sort of urgency. Noi was able to edge Horiuchi in his last fight but it was kind of easy when Horiuchi lacked footwork and head movement.

Sung does need to move his head better but he’s not going to sit there in the pocket. Noi relies too much on his counter striking; he loses minutes waiting. I see Sung picking away at Noi and avoiding any of the power shots from Noi. Sung has a clear advantage on the mat as Noi has nothing really to offer.

I do see Sung playing his cards a lot on the feet and his speed and movement should allow him to cruise. The pick is Sung by outpointing Noi.