Road to UFC 2: Episode 5 Breakdown and Predictions

Kai Wen Li
Li Kai Wen Credit: ONE Championship

With the UFC in Singapore for Holloway vs. Korean Zombie this Saturday, the Road to UFC 2 tournament continues, with episodes five and six featuring semifinal action. It’s flyweights up to lightweights competing across an eight-man tournament for a shot at the UFC itself. In episode five, Li Kaiwen, Yi Zha and others look to move forward.

Let’s take a look at all five bouts on the card, which takes place on August 27, streaming live on UFC Fight Pass!

Featherweight, Li Kaiwen Vs. Kouya Kanda

Tale of the tape

Li Kaiwen
Hunan, China
Two-fight win streak
Kouya Kanda
Abiko, Chiba, Japan
Four-fight win streak

Pros and Cons

Li Kaiwen


  • Volume striker
  • Heavy hands
  • Good right hand
  • Dangerous pocket striker
  • Good leg kicks


  • Too willing to brawl
  • Fight IQ lacks
  • Not much off his back
  • Sits in the pocket too long
  • Lacks head movement
  • TDD needs work
  • Poor cardio

Kouya Kanda


  • Good use of range
  • Slick pull-counter
  • Good wrestling
  • Quick level changes
  • Good leg kicks
  • Good right hand


  • Head sits on the centerline at times
  • Vulnerable in heavy exchanges
  • Low volume
  • Questionable chin
  • Well-conditioned
  • Too patient

Prediction: Kanada was underwhelming coming into the tournament and in his first fight he really didn’t show anything positive. He went to a decision in a very unforgettable fight.

Kaiwen on the other hand was dynamite in this first-round fight getting a quick knockout win. Kanda is low-volume and very patient in his approach. Kaiwen is the complete opposite as he will take it to Kanada fast and hard.

Kaiwen has some concerns defensively but it’s nothing I expect Kanda to exploit. Kanada doesn’t have any power to crack the chin of Kaiwen and his wrestling won’t be good enough. I feel good about picking Kaiwen for an early knockout.