Road to UFC 2: Episode 2 Breakdown and Predictions

Paul Lumihi VS Li Kai Wen
Paul Lumihi VS Li Kai Wen Credit: ONE Championship

Later this month, the Road to UFC tournament returns for its second instalment. Featuring top up-and-coming talents out of Asia looking to make their way to the UFC, Road to UFC 2 will once again include fighters across four weight classes, from flyweight to lightweight, competing in an eight-man tournament to secure a coveted spot in the UFC.

Episode 2 of the opening round goes down Friday, May 27 starting at 8AM ET on UFC Fight Pass, and we’ve got a look at what to expect!

Featherweight, Lu Kai Vs. Li Kaiwen

Tale of the Tape

Lu Kai
Shanghai, China
8-4, 1 NC
Combined opponents’ record: 28-29
Li Kaiwen
Hunan, China
Combined opponents’ record: 37-14

Pros and Cons

Lu Kai


  • Good head movement
  • Powerful right hand
  • Fast starter
  • Heavy ground and pound
  • Good leg kicks
  • Wrestles well


  • Throws singles strikes
  • Gives up his back
  • Throws blind kicks
  • Hands kept low
  • Sits in the pocket too long

Li Kaiwen


  • Volume striker
  • Heavy hands
  • Good right hand
  • Dangerous pocket striker
  • Good leg kicks


  • Too willing to brawl
  • Fight IQ lacks
  • Not much off his back
  • Sits in the pocket too long
  • Lacks head movement
  • TDD needs work
  • Poor cardio

Prediction: Not sure why Kai is getting another shot on Road to UFC since he got knocked out in under a minute in the inaugural season. That was his last fight too, so he didn’t even have to get back on the board.

Kaiwen is coming off a loss too but that was to a stud in Fabricio Andrade. Prior to that, Kaiwen was on a four-fight win streak.

Every time Kai has fought anyone decent he losses. Kaiwen has been a staple in ONE Championship for the last nine years. Both these guys are dangerous offensively while defensively there are a lot of glaring holes.

I’m more confident in the battle-tested Li Kaiwen. I have more faith in his striking and chin to clip Kai first. Hard to tell how both guys are going to look after getting knocked out but Kaiwen is the pick.