DWCS 2022 Week 4 Breakdown and Predictions

Jack Cartwright
Jack Cartwright vs. Manuel Bilić, Cage Warriors 112 Pro Main Card Manchester, England.

Bantamweight: Jack Cartwright Vs. Jose Johnson

Tale of the tape

Jack Cartwright
Bolton, England
SBG Manchester
3 KO/TKOs, 5 Submissions
Combined opponent’s record: 57-21
Jose Johnson
Copperas Cove, Texas, US
8 KO/TKOs, 2 Submissions
Combined opponent’s record: 87-70

Pros and Cons

Jack Cartwright


  • Submission threat
  • Good jab
  • Solid wrestling
  • Heavy hands
  • Good vision
  • Excellent use of front chokes
  • Good counter striker


  • Telegraphs his punches at times
  • TDD needs some work
  • Lacks effective footwork
  • Doesn’t deal well with forwarding pressure

Jose Johnson


  • Good use of his range
  • Excellent Muay Thai
  • Good leg kicks
  • Athletic
  • Good bodywork
  • Mixes it up very well
  • Throws from good angels
  • Good kicks
  • Explosive
  • Excellent clinch work
  • Lethal elbows
  • Solid cardio
  • Good use of teep kicks


  • Poor TDD
  • Grappling defense needs work
  • Suspect chin

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Johnson
Speed: Johnson
Output/Volume: Johnson
Kickboxing: Johnson
Striking defense: Even
Footwork/movement: Johnson
Wrestling: Cartwright
Grappling: Cartwright
More likely to finish on the mat: Cartwright
Gas tank: Cartwright

Prediction: Johnson is what Dana White loves in a fighter and that’s why he’s getting his second shot on DWCS.

Cartwright is the former Cage Warriors bantamweight champion and arguably should be signed straight to the UFC. I say arguably because his last fight wasn’t a good performance winning only by DQ. Prior to that, he’s looked awesome, while Johnson has had flashes of excellence.

This is either Johnson gets the knockout or Cartwright neutralizes with his wrestling. We’ve seen Johnson get out-wrestled and dominated on the mat a few times but never has Cartwright been knocked out. It comes down to how good the wrestling of Cartwright really is. I think it is good enough to take Johnson down since that’s such a huge weakness he has. I predict Cartwright to use takedowns and eventually submit Johnson.


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