Welcome to the UFC: Cameron VanCamp

Cameron VanCamp, UFC 274
Cameron VanCamp, UFC 274 official weigh-in Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

UFC 274 is a massive 15-fight card that’s headlined between now-former lightweight champ Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje. Oliveira missed weight, and now Gaethje is the only one eligible to win the title. At welterweight, regional veteran Cameron VanCamp in his UFC debut will be taking on the dangerous Andre Fialho (15-4, 1-1 UFC)

Cameron VanCamp
Standing at 6’1″
Fighting at 170 lbs (welterweight)
Fighting out of Lebanon, Indiana, US
Training out of Indy Boxing & Grappling
A pro record of 15-5-1
4 KO/TKOs, 9 Submissions

How will VanCamp fare in the UFC:

After losing a fight to former UFC fighter Bobby Voelker, VanCamp has won his next/last four fights. In those four fights, VanCamp won three regional titles and had a title defense. Alone that’s super impressive so I understand the signing. As impressive as his run has been the last three years, however, he’s at best a good regional fighter.

On the feet, VanCamp brings the pressure. He does a fine job attacking with everything he has. He throws kicks and punches and puts it together well. Not at all technical but he throws a lot of volume. VanCamp is known for biting down on his mouth guard and just chucking fists. He hardly ever evades damage as he’s going to just trade in the pocket until someone gets the best of one another. VanCamp tries his best to land the big shots and the flying knee is one of his best weapons. His problem is he’s extremely easy to hit. He also doesn’t have the knockout power to match his stand and bang style, which is why he gets clipped so much.

VanCamp is a competent wrestler. It’s a weapon he hardly uses as the fight goes but it’s good early on. Of everything, VanCamp is labeled more of a submission grappler. He has nine submission wins with five different subs on his record. Half of his wins are by submission but he’s no strong submission specialist at all. VanCamp a lot of the time is submission over position. Most of his submission wins are in transitions and not ever technically set up. He has the ability but is too loose in his positioning. He’s dangerous off his back but not against any higher-level opposition.

Overall, he’s a brawler on the feet and primarily a grappler. His chin is shaky and his poor striking defense doesn’t help. He’s a decent wrestler and submission grappler but lacks the control. No doubt I see him struggling to find a win in the UFC.

Striking: C+
Kickboxing: C+
Clinch: C+
Wrestling: C+
Grappling: C+
Striking Defense: C-
Takedown Defense: C+
Cardio: C
Biggest Strength: Submissions
Biggest Weakness: Striking defense

Striking: C+
Kickboxing: C+
Movement: C
Output/Volume: B
Aggression: B-
Head movement: C-
Speed: C+
Knockout power: C+
Bodywork: C+
Clinch work: C+
Takedown defense: C+
Grappling: C+
Submission attack: B
Ground and pound: B-
Grappling defense: C
Wrestling: C
Clinch: C+
Feints/Fakes: C-
Endurance: B-

How he matches up with Fialho:

Like VanCamp, Fialho  is a banger stiker. Fialho doesn’t care to stand and trade in the pocket. Fialho has been knocked out before and his chin is still questionable. With that said he’s fought much heavier punchers compared to VanCamp and survived. It’s VanCamp who should stray away from trading with Fialho and should wrestle. Fialho has struggled in the past with takedown defense before. With that said, VanCamp isn’t consistent with takedowns and his grappling isn’t great. I expect Fialho to finish VanCamp.


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