BKFC 25: Former WWE Star Jack Gallagher Wins Bare-Knuckle Debut

Jack Gallagher (Jack Claffey), BKFC 25
Jack Gallagher (Jack Claffey), BKFC 25 Credit: FITE

“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher plied his trade in the squared circle of the WWE for years, but on Friday night, the British pro wrestler entered a different sort of ring at BKFC 25.

Gallagher started on the pro wrestling circuit in 2006, and a decade later, joined Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment juggernaut. Parting ways with the company four years later, Gallagher, an amateur mixed martial artist with a 2-0 record, made his bare-knuckle debut on Friday night in Orlando.

Fighting under that name Jack Claffey, the man born Oliver Westfield Claffey had a successful bare-knuckle boxing debut — but it was far from an easy one. Claffey was paired up with Rick Caruso, and in the second round, ate an overhand right flush on the face. Claffey’s head snapped to the side, but he maintained his composure, and made it out of the round intact.

In the third, Claffey put his opponent away. Sporting a bit of damage by his eye, Claffey nonetheless connected with a massive right uppercut that ended Caruso’s night. A defeated Caruso was still being helped to his feet while the former “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher celebrated.

With the loss, Caruso falls to 0-2 in the promotion. Claffey/Gallagher, meanwhile, has gotten off to a good start in his latest venture. He’s not the only pro wrestler on the BKFC roster, either. Former UFC star Paige VanZant is still under contract with the company, while also working for WWE’s chief rival, AEW.

Official Result: Jack Claffey def. Rick Caruso by knockout, Round 3, 1:15


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