UFC 274: After A Wild Weigh-In Day, Charles Oliveira States His Case

Charles Oliveira, UFC 274 Ceremonial Weigh-Ins
Charles Oliveira, UFC 274 Ceremonial Weigh-Ins. Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

Phoenix, AZ – Weigh-in days normally don’t carry as much drama as it did for UFC 274 and the lightweight champion Charles “DoBronx” Oliveira. After missing weight for his title fight and being informed of the consequences Oliveira began to explain what happened on Friday.

Speaking with ESPN’s Megan Olivi, Oliveira explained the confusing circumstances that now find him without a UFC title.

“The champion has a name his name is Charles Oliveira. I made weight on the UFC scale on Thursday night. Went up to my room, did not consume anything, no water, no new food or anything. I swear to God, in the name of my daughter, the most sacred thing in my life,” Oliveira told Olivi through a translator.

“I went to bed, woke up the following day (Friday), to the UFC scale….it’s a pound over. I’m looking at it, a kilogram over actually. I’m one over and I don’t understand what happened. We work, we’re professionals, I did not do anything wrong. To me it just didn’t make sense.”

Oliveira was not the only one to have issues with the scale as he pointed out.

“Other fighters started talking about it as well. Talking about exactly those 200 grams, 300 grams, and it was exactly the difference in the scale. This is what we’re going back to. The champion has a name, his name is Charles Oliveira.”

Oliveria is correct in stating that other fighters began to complain about the same issue.

  UFC strawweight Ariane Carnelossi tweeted about the issue as well.

“Congrats to the “genius” that messed with the fighter’s scale leaving it with a 0.5lb difference. We only found out when we were informed as we were coming down to check our official Weight. Luckily I was under so that didnt hurt me.”

Rumors before weigh-ins began about an issue turned into officials having to inform fighters of the weight difference. It is unclear as to when Oliveira and his team were informed of the issue or if they were ever even told about it.

Once it became official that Oliveria had missed weight after his second attempt the MMA world began to feel the consequences of it.

At UFC 274 on Saturday night Oliveira will not be eligible to retain the UFC lightweight title. Should he win he will not retain the belt, and instead will likely be matched up with the next contender for a title fight in the future. Should his opponent Justin Gaethje win the fight then he will be the undisputed UFC lightweight champion.

At ceremonial weigh-ins Oliveira remained defiant as he yelled and gestured at the crowd that booed him as he walked onto the stage and Joe Rogan announced the weight miss. When he spoke to Rogan as is customary to end the weigh-ins he stood tall and a bit defiant.

“These things happen. You can’t explain God. The champion has a name and it’s Charles Oliveira,” he told Rogan through a translator.

“I’m going to shock the world tomorrow.”


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