MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from March

Lone'er Kavanagh
Lone’er Kavanagh Credit: Great Britain Top Team

Flyweight, Lone’er Kavanagh (3-0)

This was a sensational performance from UK’s Lone’er Kavanagh. The striking/kickboxing of Kavanagh was superb. His footwork was good moving in and out and he was switching stances very nicely. Kavanagh’s hands are what he closed the show with but he blended it in with some devastating kicks. Kavanagh landed a lot of flashy kicks but was ripping the body and damaged the legs quite a bit. The speed of getting off his explosive combinations and getting back out of the way was crazy good. In the final round, he bounced in and out of the pocket landing and a right hand connected that put his opponent out cold. It was a great performance and a beautiful finishing sequence.
Grade: A+

Bantamweight, Kingsley Crawford (8-3)

Crawford early on got his nose busted up from a shot but it never bothered him. Not long after he landed a beautiful looping right hand dropping his opponent. He jumped on him and the guy turned towards Crawford who sunk in an anaconda choke. It was tight and it put his opponent out cold. Crawford is now on a three-fight win streak and has wins over some good fighters.
Grade: B-

Lightweight, Tobias Harila (10-2)

Harila marched into this fight to get the win and get it quick. He came forward with power hooks and leg kicks buckling the legs of the other guy. Harila was always throwing in twos with his hands and if the first one wasn’t connecting the second one was. He got his opponent’s attention right away with his power and when Harila hurt him with the left hook it was all over. Against the cage Harila let his hands go landing a huge combo and a left hand faceplanted him. A savage performance from Tobias Harila.
Grade: A-

Middleweight, Will Currie (7-2)

What a showing from Currie getting a first-round finish. Opening seconds he landed an ax kick to a right hand and a front kick sitting his opponent down. All landed clean and then Currie was in his world. Currie went back and forth between the mount and the back but never let up landing elbows. All the damage added up and the ref saw enough. Really good performance for the always impressive Will Currie.
Grade: A+

Middleweight, SD Dumas (6-0)

Dumas who usually gets it done on the feet dominated the fight with wrestling and grappling. He did stun his opponent early in round one and then he was taken down. Dumas quickly reversed and got on top and from there that was the whole fight. Dumas won with a lot of takedowns and on the mat was in dominant positions quite a bit. I wish he could’ve finished the guy but it’s always good to get three rounds in.
Grade: B-

Bantamweight, Amun Cosme (4-0)

Cosme beat an undefeated good striker in Alexey Fedoseev. Cosme was holding his own on the feet and doing very well. As soon as they cliched up Cosme got the takedown and it was all over from there. Cosme moved into mount and landed a few elbows and then the armbar came. Fedoseev tapped immediately. Good performance from Cosme and excited to watch him again.
Grade: B-

Featherweight, Jack Jenkin (9-2)

Don’t know how Rod Costa survived because Jenkins put it on him. Jenkins battered his legs, ripped the body, and landed power shots to the head. He was going high and low mixing it up perfectly. Throwing always in combinations and throwing in different varieties. Mark it another Eternal MMA title defense and his best performance yet.
Grade: A+

Welterweight, Wisem Hammami (7-0)

Hammami won the biggest fight of his career taking home the UAE Warriors title back to Italy. In what started off competitive midways in the first Hammami took over. On the feet, Hammami got more comfortable as the fight went and at a time almost had his opponent put away standing. A few times Hammami almost locked in that front choke. It was eventually him getting into mount and big elbows and punches sent the ref in. Hammami had the superior gas tank and was far better as a grappler.
Grade: B-

Featherweight, Eduardo Tejada (3-0)

Tejada walked through his opponent and was extremely confident. He even smacked his opponent at a point. Basically, Tejada landed everything he threw. He picked his shots with hands and every time he kicked the body he hurt his opponent. Tejade dropped his opponent with a knee following a glancing question mark kick. It was a short right hand that folded his opponent and the ref stepped in. A complete mismatch.
Grade: B

Featherweight, Raul Rosas Jr. (2-0)

Not many times in MMA can you be super impressed with a 17-year-old. Rosas started off with a leg kick to a flying knee into a double leg in seconds. As his opponent was getting back up Rosas attempted to take the back. He fell to his back but quickly went to the armbar. He went belly down and the guy tapped in just under a minute.
Grade: B+

Middleweight, Ozzy Diaz (7-1)

Diaz made a statement by knocking out Bruno Assis for the LFA championship. Diaz was business right away and immediately hunting for the finish. He stayed in the face of Assis landing combinations of punches. He was slipping punches and coming up with the uppercut and the right hand. He first dropped Assis with a stiff jab and then a big counter right. Diaz had Assis backing up and he never stopped looking for that kill shot. He found it with seconds left in the first from a right and extra punches putting him out cold.
Grade: A


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