MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from March

Corinne Laframboise
Corinne Laframboise, UAE Warriors 18 Credit: UAE Warriors

Flyweight, Corinne Laframboise (8-4)

For the UAE Warriors flyweight title, Laframboise beat a talented Carolina Jimenez who was 7-0. It all ended when Laframboise was able to secure the takedown. Jimenez was able to elevate Laframboise but Laframboise locked in an armbar. It looked like it was all over but as Jimenez was escaping Laframboise switched to a triangle. In the triangle, Laframboise tried to pull that arm straight but as soon as she pulled down on the head Jimenez tapped. Since losing to Manon Fiorot she’s won her last three fights over good fighters.
Grade: A-

Featherweight, William Gomis (9-2)

Gomis fought a wildman of an opponent who was blitzing in and throwing a lot of looping shots. Gomis picked his shots and started to land a lot of good leg kicks. Gomis did get taken down but he scrambled to his feet. From there he got a takedown of his own. Gomis landed an elbow cutting his opponent. The other dude shelled up and Gomis got the TKO stoppage with just seconds left in the first. I really like Gomis as a prospect.
Grade: B

Flyweight, Dakota Ditcheva (5-0)

Ditcheva handed her opponent her first career loss while keeping her own “0.” Ditcheva being a Muay Thai fighter controlled a lot of the fight in the clinch. She did have a big amount of time on the mat though. In round one she defended a takedown and got into mount landing ground and pound. In round three she dropped her opponent with a head kick and had more time in mount. A dominant win for Ditcheva.
Grade: C+

Flyweight, Abdula Aliev (11-0)

The ending of the fight was unfortunate but Aliev still looked good. In round one Aliev won with his wrestling and top control. He even had the back and was in mount at a time. In round two he showcased more of his striking and kickboxing. Aliev did fight former UFC fighter Jenel Lausa who is a good boxer. Aliev won the exchanges while landing a few good kicks. Aliev hit Lausa in the groin early in the third and Lausa couldn’t continue. The fight went to the scorecards and Aliev got the nod.
Grade: C+

Welterweight, Mirafzal Akhtamov (5-0)

Akhtamov and Bruno Carvalho had a really good fight. Carvalho despite his record is a good fighter and very dangerous. Both these guys traded heavy kicks and was trading bombs in close. Akhtamov landed some good shots including some heavy leg kicks. He did get hit a lot but was never shaken. In round two as they picked up where they left off, Akhtamov landed a left-right flooring Carvalho. The fight was stopped and although Carvalho didn’t like it he was flattened.
Grade: B+

Lightweight, Nazim Sadykhov (6-1)

Sadykhov improved his win streak to six with another stoppage victory. A counter left hand to knee landed and forced his opponent to shoot. Sadykhov defended and with his opponent on his back foot a right hook dropped him and the ref stopped him. A walk in the park for Sadykhov but he needs a step up in competition.
Grade: B-


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