MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from March

Muslim Magomedov Credit: Tapology

Light heavyweight, Muslim Magomedov (11-0)

Magomedov dominated a good opponent in Grigor Matevosyan for another ACA title defense. He won with his pressure, wrestling, and top control. Magomed stayed busy on top improving positions and landing short punches. In round three he got to a good position on the arm and cranked for the kimura getting the tap.
Grade: A

Welterweight, Anatoliy Boyko (10-1)

Before securing the knockout Boyko was setting the pace controlling the range. His footwork was light and he was circling around the cage picking his shots. He threw a left head kick a few times. One eventually got through and it landed on point knocking the guy out cold before he hit the mat.
Grade: B

Lightweight, Marek Jakimowicz (4-0)

Jakimowicz dominated a 41-year-old man in a complete mismatch. In the opening seconds, he just bull-rushed the guy to the mat. In the guard standing he slammed his opponent down a few times. He stayed busy with elbows and when he got into mount he unloaded. His opponent was doing nothing and the ref eventually stepped in.
Grade: B-

Strawweight, Maria Silva (8-0)

This was a big fight between two top strawweight prospects in Maria Silva and Ewelina Wozniak. It was a competitive fight all the way up until the finish. Silva was just a bit better everywhere. She was getting off more, controlling in the clinch, and won the grappling exchanges. Wozniak had her moments, especially in round two taking the back. Wozniak in the third threw a spinning back fist and Silva took the back. Silva got the RNC slipped in and Wozniak tapped. Silva should be signed to a big promotion soon.
Grade: A

Welterweight, Rolando Bedoya (14-1)

This was a crazy fight that was action-packed right away. Both fighters swung heavy shots from the start but the difference was that Bedoya mixed it up better and at least moved his head a little. Bedoya threw a lot of volume and leg kicks that would eventually take a toll on his opponent. If there were a few seconds left in the first he would’ve finished. Right away in round two Bedoya had his opponent in danger and swarmed with straight punches. He landed a leg kick that took the legs out from underneath the guy and Bedoya jumped on top. After some solid ground and pound a d’arce choke was locked up and Bedoya got the win. After a crazy fight, he won the FFC interim welterweight title.
Grade: B

Strawweight, Giovanna Canuto (3-0)

Three pro fights and now three first-round submissions Canuto has stayed unbeaten in MMA. A minute in Canuto was able to get the bodylock and get the takedown. In her world, Canuto took the back and she wasn’t coming off. She softened her opponent up with punches and ended it with the RNC. Promising prospect perhaps.
Grade: B+

Heavyweight, Rizvan Kuniev (12-2)

Kuniev got a first-round submission over former UFC fighter Anthony Hamilton. Kuniev made contact with a wheel kick but only the calf connected. It still backed up Hamilton and Kuniev leaped forward with a flying knee. Hamilton clinched up but put his neck in a bad position and Kuniev grabbed the neck. A standing guillotine forced Hamilton to tap. Another big win on the resume of Kuniev.
Grade: B-

Bantamweight, Farid Basharat (8-0)

Basharat was cruising in round one until he got countered and put on skates for a second. He still got the takedown and ended the round on top. Basharat was picking away at his opponent jabbing to the head and body and kicking to the legs and body. His shot placement was really on point and the jabs and leg kicks started to add up. Basharat in round two threw a kick up high landing flush dropping his opponent. Basharat jumped on top and took the back and finished with the RNC. Excellent composure, tactical striking, and smart performance.
Grade: B+

Welterweight, Roman Faraldo (7-0)

Another easy fight for undefeated prospect Faraldo. It was a short left jab that put his opponent down hard. Faraldo finished the fight with ground and pound sending the ref in at under a minute. Now 4-0 in Bellator but his opponents have arguably gotten worse so he needs a step up.
Grade: B

Featherweight, Cody Law (4-0)

Law, primarily a wrestler, has some serious striking and that’s all it was in this fight. He was throwing heat getting so close with the right hand. When his opponent rushed forward Law clipped him with a right hand. He started to let go with his hands and a head kick. Law sat him down with a left hook and a right as he was getting up putting him down and out. Really good performance from Law but he needs a step up in competition too.
grade: B+

Welterweight, Anuar Aburto (3-0)

Aburto is a towering guy standing massively at 6-foot-6. His much smaller opponent had trouble getting in on Aburto. Aburto was landing long, especially with the kicks. As his opponent ducked down Aburto threw a head kick and the knee connected. The brutal shot put him out cold in a devastating fashion. A very interesting prospect to keep an eye on.
Grade: A-


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