Breaking Down Djati Melan vs. Christian Leroy Duncan at Cage Warriors 136

Djati Mélan, Cage Warriors
Djati Mélan Credit: Cage Warriors

This Saturday, the BEC Arena out of Manchester, England sees Cage Warriors 136 hosting a middleweight title fight.

Frenchman Djati Mélan won the Cage Warriors title last December, taking it from veteran Matthew Bonner. His first title defense is against someone who has fought for Cage Warriors ever since they turned pro, that being Christian Leroy Duncan. France vs. England, undefeated vs. undefeated, and top prospect vs. top prospect. This fight has it all.

Tale of the Tape

Djati Melan (8-0)
Age: 28 years old
Height: 5’11″
Fighting out of Paris, France
Gym: Kongo Smashing Club Paris
Cage Warriors middleweight champion
Combined Record of Opposition: 22-8
Christian Leroy Duncan (5-0)
Age: 26 years old
Height: 6’2″
Fighting out of Gloucester, England
Gym: Range Martial Arts Academy
Extensive 17-6 amateur record
Combined Record of Opposition: 9-2

Pros and Cons

Djati Melan


  • Solid wrestling
  • Good ground and pound
  • Good grappling
  • Times level changes very well
  • Relentless wrestling pressure
  • Good cardio
  • Very heavy top position
  • Good chain-wrestling
  • Passes guard easily
  • Transitions into mount smoothly
  • Strikes to wrestle well


  • Will shoot from too far out at times
  • Striking is a bit wild
  • One-dimensional
  • Can be more flat-footed as the fight goes

Christian Leroy Duncan


  • Diverse/Tricky
  • Explosive
  • Good in the clinch
  • Covers distance well
  • Throws a lot of outs
  • Blend kicks and punches together well
  • Good grappling
  • Good grappling
  • Submission threat
  • Good wrestling


  • TDD needs work
  • Gives up his back

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Duncan
Kickboxing: Duncan
Movement: Duncan
Output/Volume: Duncan
Aggression: Melan
Speed: Duncan
Knockout power: Unknown
Bodywork: Duncan
Takedown defense: Melan
Grappling: Melan
Grappling defense: Melan
Wrestling: Melan
Clinch: Duncan
Feints/Fakes: Duncan
Endurance: Melan

Biggest advantage for Melan

Delan is a wrestler and the wrestling is going to be his path to victory in this fight. Where he’s strongest is where Duncan is the most vulnerable. Duncan is the taller fighter so it will be hard getting on the inside. In the same sense, it will be easier for Melan to get to the long legs of Duncan. Duncan will have to probably limit his kicks and control from the range more. Duncan can hold his own grappling but will have trouble staying upright if he lets Melan close the distance.

Biggest advantage for Duncan

In terms of advantages in every aspect, Duncan has the biggest advantage on the feet. Duncan has limited striking and Duncan is beyond the opposite. Duncan is a much larger fighter so it’s going to be easy for him to get off his punches and his diverse kickboxing he likes to throw. Melan can be a bit flat-footed and that’s going to allow Duncan to cruise even more. Melan just usually strikes to wrestle and Duncan throws a bit of everything in the toolbox.
Prediction: This is a tough fight to predict. Most might be on Duncan due to his last performance of Melan. Even though he won the title and dominated for the most part he gassed out and was inches away from being finished in the fifth round. Before that he showed solid cardio and that was his first time going five rounds so he should get a pass.
The way I see it Melan has one way to win and that’s just to wrestle and win on top position. Melan isn’t a proven finisher so I cant see him finishing Duncan. I can see Duncan having wrestling success of his own and do very well in the grappling department. The longer the fight stays on the feet, Melan is risking getting caught with something. Duncan has more ways to win and I’m leaning his way in this fight


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