MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from November


Bantamweight, Albert Misikov (4-0)

Light on his feet Misikov was getting off his strikes quickly in exchanges. He was landing some big shots but got the takedown instead. Misikov ducked under a punch timing a perfect double leg takedown. He postured up in the guard and landed a barrage of heavy ground and pound ending the fight.
Grade: A-

Welterweight, Tayo Odunjo (4-1)

Now with two wins in a row Odunjo looked really good. He was taken down in round one but was never in danger. In round two Odunjo relied heavily on his jab and it was money. It was a strong snapping jab from his waist. It started to open up his striking more and he started to tee off. Nothing his opponent could do instead of taking shots along the cage getting saved by the ref.
Grade: B+

Bantamweight, Enrique Sosa (3-0)

Sosa fought another young prospect Jonny Touma handing him his first loss. In the opening exchange, he hurt Touma. Touma replied with a takedown but Sosa wound up on top and won the scramble. Every time Sosa landed he was backing up Touma. He threw a switch knee landing flush. The extra hammer fist had the ref coming in.
Grade: B+

Strawweight, Josefine Lindgren Knutsson (3-0)

Knutsson continued her dominant run beating TUF 23 veteran Lanchana Green. What was more impressive than her output is her pace throughout three rounds. She hurt Green multiple times but went to the scorecards instead. Knutsson did a fantastic job throwing combinations ending with kicks. In the clinch, she messed up Green’s face with elbows. Everything was on point for Knutsson.
Grade: A+

Bantamweight, Felipe Lima (11-1)

In under a minute Lima defended captured the vacant Fight Club Rush championship. He was throwing a lot of kicks but it was the knee that did it. Lima landed a flying knee to the body having his opponent in agony as he went tapping. He now  has eleven wins in a row after losing his pro debut.
Grade: A

Featherweight, Aaron Cañarte (8-0)

Canarte showed a bit of his overall skillset. He used his wrestling and ground game early on and took over later with the striking. In round two he landed a leg kick that affected his opponent throughout the fight. In the third round, Canarte picked up the pace with his hands. Canarte landed a lot of good jabs to the body and was landing solid body-head combinations.
Grade: A-

Bantamweight, Andres Luna Martinetti (12-0)

Martinetti made a huge statement with this performance. In round one he took control of the fight with his striking/kickboxing. He landed a lot of good kicks and threw from different angles. The front kick was a weapon used a lot. While in round two when he got the fight to the mat it was where he’s comfortable. In an awkward scramble, Martinetti cranked on a rare calf slicer. His opponent had no choice but to tap.
Grade: A+

Welterweight, Alfonso Leyva (5-0)

Despite being an Olympic wrestler, striking has proven to be his primary weapon. This fight was no different. Leyva put on a striking clinic just whopping his opponent en route to a second-round stoppage. His jab was on point, he was landing a step-in knee, but the one-two, and especially the right hand was the focal point of the fight. Leyva timed his opponent throwing a kick with a right hand. It sat his opponent down and the fight was over.
Grade: A

Bantamweight, Mauro Mastromarini (12-1)

Mastromarini had some good moments on the feet but the wrestling/grappling won him the fight. He got the takedown and took the back each round. While in round three his aggression was turned up. When he got it down Mastromarini landed some heavy punches. Threatening the RNC the entire fight he finally finished it in the third round.
Grade: B

Middleweight, Gadzhimurad Magomedov (1-0)

He made his debut but has a lot of hyper as he was the 2019 IMMAF world champion. The first real shot Magomedov threw was an overhand right. It floored his opponent and Magomedov landed right into mount. With a bit more ground and pound the fight was stopped in under a minute.
Grade: B


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