MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from November

Hannah Guy, Bellator 259
Hannah Guy, Bellator 259 Credit: Bellator MMA

Flyweight, Hannah Guy (4-1)

Now having won three in a row, Guy finished this fight in under a minute. Her opponent shot in deep on the hips for a takedown. Guy was just able to step forward and wind up right into the mount. She went off throwing nothing but elbows and the ref stepped on. Easy fight for the 26-year-old.
Grade: C+

Strawweight, Sidney Trillo (2-0)

Trillo had a performance you just can’t beat. From the start, Trillo was in savage mode hunting for the kill. Trillo never stopped attacking and it wasn’t until round three that she got the finish. In space Trillo just let her hands go going to the body and head relentlessly. In close Trillo constantly landed repeated knees to the body. Her opponent just eventually shut down against the cage. Trillo landed a barrage of punches sending the ref in. Savage performance.
Grade: A+

Featherweight, Márcio dos Santos (10-0)

Santos didn’t waste any time letting his hands go. His opponent wanted a brawl as well and it would cost him. Santos was throwing power hooks with his right and left hand while mixing in a few leg kicks. Santos landed a hook to the body and then a knee followed up by a left hook knocking his opponent out cold.
Grade: B

Lightweight, Sung Chan Hong (8-1)

Hong moved his win streak to six with a dominant victory. Seconds into round one Hong got the takedown. He dominated on top and stayed busy with active ground and pound. A minute into round two he got another takedown. Hong eventually moved into side control and finished with an Americana.
Grade: B+

Heavyweight, Marcelo Nunes (7-1)

Nunes fought his fight. He landed a lot of hard leg kicks forcing his opponent to close the distance. Nunez lured him in and got the trip takedown. When on top Nunes landed some good punches to the body before moving into mount. Nunes from there right away sunk in an arm-triangle and the guy tapped.
Grade: B

Welterweight, Raheam Forest (4-0)

Two undefeated guys Raheam Forest and Donovan Beard put on a solid back and forth fight. Round one Forest won with output and top control. Round two Beard won getting the takedowns and dominant positions. Round three was all Forest. He got the takedowns, won the scrambles, kept forward pressure, and landed some nasty ground and pound. Forest looked good for a young pro.
Grade: A