DWCS 2021 Week 3 Breakdown and Predictions

Mo Miller LFA 96
Mo Miller Credit: Isaac Schubert/LFA

Bantamweight: Mo Miller vs. Brandon Lewis

Tale of the Tape

Mo Miller
Cleveland, Ohio, US
Stron Style Fight Team
Knockout via a slam
Brandon Lewis
Tampa, Florida, US
Three finishes

Pros and Cons

Mo Miller


  • Good feints
  • Good top position control
  • Sniper-like right hand
  • Proficient one-two punches
  • Excellent wrestling
  • Solid takedown defense


  • Will put himself in bad positions at times

Brandon Lewis


  • Active output/volume
  • Good footwork
  • Fast starter
  • Diverse/dynamic attack
  • Explosive
  • Heavy kicks
  • Mixes it up beautifully
  • Puts kicks and punches together very well
  • Attacks in angles nicely
  • Good head movement
  • Quietly good wrestling
  • Underrated grappling
  • Thrives in scrambles


  • Doesn’t pace himself
  • Hands drop as the fight goes
  • Doesn’t wear damage well

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Lewis
Speed: Lewis
Output/Volume: Lewis
Knockout Power: Miller
Chin: Lewis
Kickboxing: Lewis
Footwork: Lewis
Wrestling: Miller
Grappling: Miller
Submissions: Lewis
Cardio: Even


Brandon Lewis is a special striker — he’s a black belt in both karate and taekwondo. His level of output, aggressiveness, and willingness to just throw everything in his tool shed is second to none. When watching him, he goes from 100 to 200 and doesn’t let up. He does get tired as the fight goes on but never stops pressing the action.

While Lewis is a special athlete on the feet Mo Miller is a monster wrestler and a dominant grappler. However, Lewis is a better grappler than Miller is a better striker. With that said, Miller is very capable of catching Lewis on the feet. I didn’t think this fight would be that close coming into the tape as I thought it was all Miller. That’s not the case though as this is an extremely close fight. Both guys are coming into this fight with the other being their toughest opponent to date, so the result could go either way. I like how Miller has been way more active and what beats a frantic striking pace? Putting that striker on their ass. That’s what I’m predicting Miller to do.


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