Weekly MMA Prospect Report: Will Brett Martin Finally Land on UFC’s Radar?

Brett Martin, LFA 70
Brett Martin, LFA 70 Credit: LFA

It’s a little bit strange that Brett Martin hasn’t landed on the UFC’s radar yet. A heavyweight prospect on a solid win streak, he hasn’t even seen a spot on the Contender Series. While his less-than-chiselled physique may not appeal to Dana White, a big showing this weekend could change his fortunes. Now, let’s get on with this week’s MMA Prospect Report.

SFT 28 | Brazil | Friday

Flyweight, Jean Matsumoto (8-0)

Matsumoto is a well-rounded Brazilian who has looked great at the age of just 21. On the feet, his output/volume is a highlight. Jean is always throwing in volume usually throwing a one-two followed by a leg kick. Not just a one-two though — Matsumoto will fire hook after hook while ripping the body. Putting together punches, leg kicks, and body shots is something he does very well. With how good he is on the feet, he’s looked even better on the mat. Matsumoto only has three submissions but is a big threat always looking for them. Especially the anaconda choke, which is one of his go-to’s. He throws very good active ground and pound and that mixed in with solid jiu-jitsu makes him a huge threat. He fights Wanderley Junior (10-3).

XFC 45 | US | Friday

Heavyweight, Brett Martin (10-1)

It’s odd that Martin isn’t already signed to the UFC, and has yet to be on Dana White’s Contender Series. Being a heavyweight and only 27, and also considering his solid record, it’s downright puzzling. Martin carries a lot more weight than most fighters but that doesn’t stop him from being a solid prospect. Martin is first and foremost a wrestler and a very strong guy, being able to lift opponents and slam them to the mat. Once on top, he is staying there as he knows how to use his weight but doesn’t just lay and pray. Martin has very good ground-and-pound and on the feet, he does have knockout power and relies more on his wrestling. He fights Kyle Noblitt (11-2).

We caught up with Martin ahead of this one.

Lux Fight League 15 | Mexico | Friday

Strawweight, Tania Torres (4-0)

Torres is a counter striker who does well going backwards, cutting angles and showing good footwork. Letting her opponents come forward and tagging them on the way in as well as moving out of the is what she does best. Torres mixes it up with tight combinations and has the power in her hands to score knockouts. In the clinch where she’s really good at, and she throws some really good knees. She fights Saray Orozco (6-4).

Lightweight, Francesco Patron Manzo (7-0)

Manzo is only 21-years-old and is a well-rounded young man with tons of potential. He’s a diverse striker that’s still really technical. Manzo is always throwing in volume mixing in kicks and punches. He has an underrated ground game as well. There still needs more to be shown but watch out for Francesco Patron Manzo. He fights Erik Radleim (6-7).

CES 63 | US | Friday

Flyweight, Carlos Candelario (7-0)

The last time Candelario was in the cage was three and a half  ago on the Contender Series. He did win but didn’t get a contract and tore his ACL. Candelario retired from MMA, but is back. Back when he was active I believe he was one of the best prospects at 125. Candelario has a background in boxing and kickboxing but his grappling is just as good. On the feet his hands are serious. He has hand speed, accuracy, and power. You can tell the golden gloves boxing experience. He has solid wrestling but what sets him apart is his excellent ground and pound. Watch out for this guy because he’s ultra dangerous. He fights Miguel Restrepo (5-5-1).