Weekly MMA Prospect Report: Come for Bellator, Stay for a Double Shot of LFA

Tyrell Fortune Bellator MMA
Tyrell Fortune, Bellator 256 Credit: Bellator MMA

Bellator, KSW, and the UFC are all in action this week, as the world moves on from Poirier vs. McGregor 3. Prospects? We’ve got ’em! In addition to a slew of talent on Bellator 262, LFA is running not one but two cards. Plus, international action! Let’s move on with edition of the weekly MMA prospect report.

ACA 126 | Russia | Thursday

Light heavyweight, Muslim Magomedov (9-0)

Magomedov has only been competing in MMA for a few years but prior to that, he had experience in Combat Sambo. In his first fight as an amateur, he suffered his only defeat in MMA. That loss was to current UFC contender Magomed Ankalaev. Magomedov went on to have a successful amateur career winning the WMMAA 2018 European Championship. Despite not offering much on the feet, Magomed is an excellent wrestler. His timing on his shots is fine and the way he shoots so low makes his execution near-perfect. The work he does on top is his best aspect. He has a good top position and his ground and pound is strong, active, and lands hard. He fights Evgeny Egemberdiev (12-3).

ACM 103 | Russia | Thursday

Lightweight, Yusup Raisov (17-2)

Yusuf is a very technical striker as he throws a range of combinations from different angles. In combinations, Yusuf is usually throwing up to four strikes at a time which is sensational. He’s a pocket striker unloading tight punches from a short distance. He’s good at mixing in leg kicks in combinations mixing them at the end of punches and sometimes will throw punches after a kick. He usually picks his shots with his kicks but will throw with some flash using spinning kicks. When he spins he does usually connect and he has a finish from a spinning kick to the liver. The wrestling of Raisov is his best weapon by a large margin and that says something. Like a lot of Russian fighters, Raisov has high-level top-notch wrestling. Everything in this department Raisov does perfectly. If he doesn’t secure the initial takedown he’s good at chaining attempts together getting the fight to the mat the second time. He fights Alexey Makhno (25-8).

Featherweight, Azizkhan Chorshanbiev (6-0)

From Tajikistan, Chorshanbiev is a smart tactical fighter. He fights really patiently and picks his shots while still having a 100% finish rate. I believe he has some type of background in boxing and it really shows. Chorshanbiev has a quick snapping jab and laser straight punches. I’ve seen him taken down with little issue but he has swept guys and got top position. He has good movement along with quick hand speed. Still, a lot needs to be proven but he looks good. He fights Moris Boleyan (5-0).

SFT 27 | Brazil | Thursday

Lightweight, Manoel Sousa (6-0)

Sousa is a heavy-handed fighter who slings powerful right and left hooks. He does a good job going to the body and throwing kicks behind his strikes. He has good head movement and good footwork as well. The very athletic Sousa also has a strong wrestling attack and is a submission threat. He fights Brendo Bispo (17-4).

Lightweight, Brendo Bispo (17-4)

Bispo is a fearsome striker. He has the speed, technique, and power to be a real problem. The Brazilian is a tight-knit fighter with a high guard always keeping his hands up and staying with a very technical style. Bispo fights behind a textbook jab and throws with distinguished tight straight punches. The leg kick is a big weapon for Bispo. He puts everything into his hips when he fires them and when they connect you can tell he has a lot of power. You can really see the Chute Boxe style Bispo possesses. Billed as more of a striker, Bispo has some underrated wrestling. He has opponents worry so much about his abilities on the feet that when he shoots it catches them off guard. Bispo is nearly 100% when committing on takedowns. He fights Manoel Sousa (6-0).

 Armia Fight Night 10 | Poland | Friday

Featherweight, Mansur Azhiev (5-0)

5-0 as and pro and 5-0 as an amateur, this young man from Poland his a bright future. On the feet, Azhiev has a good jab, long punches, and solid kickboxing. Azhiev will kick the legs and go up top quite often. He excels more on the mat and his wrestling to get it there is pretty strong. Azhiev has glue-like grappling, controlling every movement. His ground and pound is his best weapon. He will unload with punches in any position and getting into the crucifix is something he’s liked to finish with in the past. He fights Adrian Kępa (8-5) for the promotions’ title.

Bellator 262 | US | Friday

Flyweight, Denise Kielholtz (6-2)

Denise Kielholtz is well-accomplished in other combat sports outside of MMA. She has a ton of experience in kickboxing (17-2) including winning the Bellator flyweight championship. Also, Denise has spent some time in Judo being a member of the 2008 Dutch Team Championships. Despite being well versed on the feet Kielholtz in her MMA career has three submission wins. She’s a good counter striker clipping her opponent coming in and finishing on the mat. Kielholtz has developed into an MMA fighter. She fights the champ, Juliana Velasquez (11-0) for the title.

Heavyweight, Tyrell Fortune (10-1)

Fortune has an accomplished background in wrestling, as an NCAA Division II champion, and a multi-time high school state champion. His stand-up is improving; he has some power, is pretty good in the clinch, and has a stunning straight right he throws. When Fortune does get the takedown, he’s shown he’s knowledgeable in the top position and possesses some very effective ground and pound, which is one of his best assets. He fights the well-known Matt Mitrione (13-8).


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