UFC Vegas 30 Results: Julia Avila Submits Julija Stoliarenko In Wild Scrap

Julia Avila and Julija Stolianrenko, UFC Vegas 30
Julia Avila and Julija Stolianrenko, UFC Vegas 30 Credit: Youtube/UFC

In a fight rebooked due to an incident at the scales that saw Julija Stoliarenko collapse twice, the Lithuanian fighter was up against Julia Avila on Saturday.

Stoliarenko had made weight without issue Friday but was competing for the first time in roughly a year. Avila, meanwhile, was hoping to bounce back from a rare loss.

Both girls took the center of the octagon. Stoliarenko threw a heavy kick, but it threw her off balance. The first minute passed by, and Stoliarenko threw four kicks and 1-2. Both women starting wildly swinging combos. Stoliarenko landed a left hand that hurt Avila, which caused Avila to do what she usually does and charge her opponent- she landed a hefty punch that hurt Stoliarenko. Avila also landed a front kick that caused Stoliarenko’s nose to bleed. Stoliarenko landed a calf kick. Avila blocked a high kick. Stoliarenko landed a leaping jab. 30 seconds left, and Stoliarenko landed a body kick. What a round!

Avila took the center to start round two and threw a front kick. Stoliarenko landed a nice right hand which caused Avila to charge her and throw wild punches. Stoliarenko missed a high kick, and Avila made her pay with a punch. Stoliarenko went for a takedown and immediately went for a leg lock. Avila escaped and ate a punch. Stoliarenko went for a takedown and put Avila against the fence. Avila escaped, and Stoliarenko fell to the floor. Avila threw leg kicks while Stoliarenko was on the floor. Stoliarenko got to her feet and put Avila against the fence. The round ended with Stoliarenko holding Avila against the fence.

Both women took the center of the octagon to start round three. Avila landed a superman punch, and Stoliarenko immediately clinched. Stoliarenko put Avila against the cage. Avila landed a takedown and ended up in half guard against the fence. With two minutes left, Stoliarenko reversed Avila, but then Avila took Stoliarenko’s back. Avila transitioned to mount and then went back to Stoliarenko’s back. Avila locked up a rear-naked choke, and Stoliarenko had to tap.

Following the bout, a clearly emotional Avila, who had lost her job in the past year, noted she had been kicked out of her gym, opened her own, and was finally seeing it pay off.

Official Result: Julia Avila defeated Julija Stoliarenko by submission (rear-naked choke) Round 3, 4:19