Jesse Strader Has No Excuses For UFC Debut Loss But Kicks Himself: “That’s Not How I Fight”


Jesse Strader (5-2) unsuccessfully made his UFC debut earlier this year in March against Montel Jackson. He took the fight on nine days’ notice after not competing for more than a year, but ultimately it came back to bite him.

Strader talked with Cageside Press earlier this week about his fight with Jackson.

“Yeah, so, I got the call, man. It was nine days out, so it was fairly short notice. Um, so there was a lot of things like he was southpaw too, so there was, just things we didn’t get to work on or get to go over, but at the end of the day, I’ll take that shot every single time,” Strader said.

Although the fight only lasted just about two minutes, “Sui Generis” took away some things from it.

“I made a couple of mistakes in the clinch, um, but uh other than that, I can just chalk it up to like it a little short notice, I didn’t get to prepare that much, and Jackson is a good game opponent. I mean, the dude is climbing the ladder. I got to give it up to him for sure. But like I said, I’d take that shot, every time – ten times out of ten.”

“At the end of the day, no excuses. Dude did good, I felt good, uh, you know it happens. I still feel good. I kick myself every day for the fight, like man, that’s not how I fight, that’s not how it’s supposed to go, but like it’s all good. I get back up. I got a pretty short memory when it comes to- actually, when it comes to victories and losses. I keep a short memory. I love the journey.”

It was reported late last month by MMA Junkie that Strader will be making his second walk to the octagon on August 21. He will be welcoming fellow knockout artist Mana Martinez to the UFC.

“I’ve seen him a little bit, not too much yet. My coaches have been watching him. But yeah, I’ve seen him. He’s good, he’s good,” Strader said.

Strader mentioned that this will be the first time he has ever had a three-month training camp, so he will be extremely ready in August.

Check out the full interview above with Jesse Strader, where he talks about his nickname, his UFC debut, what is next, fighting in Combate, and possibly fighting Marcelo Rojo again.


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