Jacare Souza Facing Surgery for Fractured Humerus Following UFC 262

UFC Jacare Souza
'Jacare' Souza Credit: Gleidson Venga/Sherdog.com

Brazilian legend and former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jacare Souza came storming out of the gate at UFC 262 on Saturday. Fighting, as the UFC broadcast team noted, angry.

That strong start was derailed when opponent Andre Muniz trapped Souza in an awkward looking arm-bar.

And then came the snap.

The force Muniz applied to Jacare’s limb resulted in a broken arm, audible to viewers at home watching the UFC 262 broadcast (the fight was the featured preliminary card bout on ESPN). While it may have gone unnoticed by many in the stands, it was impossible not to hear the sound of Jacare’s arm breaking on replay after replay — yet despite that, Souza showed little sign of the injury.

The fighter’s doctor, however, confirmed Sunday that Souza had broken his humerus, and will undertake surgery in the United States shortly, prior to returning to Brazil. Rickson Moraes, the fighter’s longtime physician, revealed the news to MMA Fighting.

“In general, he’s fine, despite the fracture,” Moraes told the site. However, seeing as how the procedure is urgent, it will take place in the coming days.

Souza suffered the first submission defeat of his career at UFC 262 — at the loss represented his fourth straight. A troubling number for the 41-year old fighter, who is teetering on the precipice of the end of his career.


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